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    Patch 1.0.15 - April 11, 2019

    I could and should reiterate everything stated above, but I won't. There's no point. If they cared, there would be constant updates pushed out. I loved this game. So much so I spent sleepless nights and took days off work to play this game. I'm almost 40. Played games my whole life. I've played many games in my life, but none captured me like Astroneer. It's beautiful and simple. The premise is solid. The game however is...well...broken. I've never, in all my life playing games, seen a game charge money and then provide a buggy, broken, POS like this. It's unplayable. I can't play more than 5 minutes before crashing. Don't even get me started on multi-player. It's like an abusive boyfriend you keep going back to. You tell yourself "Astroneer loves me, they'll fix it" and the following week you log in to find they just kicked you in the balls and kept your money. I've never requested my money back from Microsoft for a game I've played, but this will be the first. Fix your sh*t and maybe you'll find your player base grow. I can't believe I paid $30 for this crap. Even as I write this I'm getting angry. It's what you would imagine a divorce is like. You still love her, you want to be happy with her, but she just leaves her sh*t lying around and refuses to clean up. You keep coming home from work to spend time with her only to find out she just takes your money and laughs at you for being a helpless turd. You get angry, throw your favorite things against the wall, lie awake at night, all the while hoping things will get better. You spend 2 years in this broken loop of hope and disappointment. Finally one night, you're commiserating with your BFF and with his support, realize you can do better. You pack your things, leave your keys on the table, and attempt to comprise a note explaining your feelings and reasons for leaving. You freeze while attempting to write something, anything, to sum up the last 2 years of misery. It dawns on you that your words will fall upon deaf ears. You have it, the perfect ending to a crummy union. You hurriedly scribble your message down, smile and walk out. You don't look back, like a bada$$ in the movies when the explosion detonates, you walk on. You're done, you did it, you're cured. Your note waits quietly, patiently, for it's intended recipient, it's one sentence response to your whole ordeal. The summation of your thoughts and feelings. 2 words dry in ink upon the hastily written paper...F*CK YOU
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    Shuttle Bug

    Xbox One. 19 April 2019. Multi-player as guest. In private chat party. Same issue twice. Lost both shuttles and all gear on pack. Cannot do anything except close the game and relaunch. Happened when trying to fly to mysterious object. Both times was unable to rejoin host. Received failed to connect to host message. After about an hour, the game would just crash to home when trying to reconnect to host. Later, host flew back to Sylva and then I was able to rejoin. We were able to resume playing, however we can both still see the shuttles orbiting with my corpses around the mystery object in space. I am also going to mention the TERRIBLE frame rate (lag) while playing co-op. Sometimes makes the game almost unplayable. I am going to look for another sub thread specifically about this as well.