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  1. Talleh

    1.1.0 EFT smelter no longer auto starts smelting

    Here is the answer to this, from the discord. Hope it helps clear stuff up!
  2. 100% happens in all the saves I've had in multiplayer (on steam) for the clients connected to the host. Super annoying when you need to go down into a cave with a path you have carved out and need to get a vehicle down there! P.S. It can also cause random death since we can't see some of the holes created!
  3. Talleh

    Multiple Multiplayer issues

    Other issues in MP: We have found that keeping the object count down allows MP to work as intended, bit of a shame because it is fun to have awesome, sprawling and huge bases sometimes! When joining the host in orbit you might crash and end up launching back into the game back to Sylva (always the starting point), sometimes you will have inventory, sometimes not.
  4. Talleh

    A heck ton of bugs

    I'd like to say I agree, but no it isn't. That earth is a desync in MP and no matter how many times you get rid of it, it will reappear and come back for the client only. When this is the case the client can run into it and if you're in a vehicle can block your path. This does not appear/happen to the host though.
  5. Talleh

    Multiple Multiplayer issues

    Yup, we are on a 100/40 Fibre to the Premises connection! Adding to this, just experienced falling from space back to the planet (and surviving). If I'm not the queen of multiplayer issues, I don't know who is HAHA.
  6. Talleh

    Multiple Multiplayer issues

    Apologies, I would like to mention this in Windows 10, Steam version of the game. Excuse my typo's it wouldn't let me edit xo
  7. Hi everyone, I have had high hopes for multiplayer since release but we are still running into many issues with playing. A bit of background I have been playing since EA and shelved the game for release in hope some of the niggling bugs in MP were fixed. Alas, the game is a lot more unplayable than it was in EA. I have sent in multiple crash reports, but I thought I would collate all the issues in this thread. MAJOR ISSUES: The host launching a shuttle can cause players connected to crash out of the game Sometimes, when a player is in orbit (not host) they cannot land their shuttle, here is a screenshot of what this looks like; I would like to add, this is a common occurrence, we have around 7 large shuttles in space with a lot of materials and what not. The player (again not host) will crash in orbit, again leaving a rouge shuttle in orbit The game becomes virtually unplayable, with the clients only sitting on arounf 1FPS, this makes the game extremely awful to play. Quitting and re-entering the MP game may or maynot alleviate the issues... and if it does it is only temporary. Many desync the clients will run into, soil/rock floating in the air (which you cannot drive through on a rover) or entire chunks of the environment re-appearing, which in turn will cause loss of equipment and death. Picture as follows; Storage/items will spontaneously disappear and never return When client crashes, you may or may not come back with your inventory/mods. It seems to be the luck of the draw. MINOR ISSUES: Random Graphical stuff and things, similar to the image you see below. To be honest, these crack me up but I would like to see them fixed Please let me know if anyone else is experiencing things like this, I would like to know that I am not alone out there in the various things that are keeping me from fully enjkoying the shit out of this game! Thanks friends~ Tal
  8. Can confirm, we have around 10 shuttles all in space due to the crashes. Have emailed the crash report in.