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  1. Hello.. I have purchased the game on Xbox One and have friends sending me join game requests.. but I can't seem to join anyone's game and they can't seem to join mine.. any solutions?
  2. Thanks... I've completely forgotten about the clubs
  3. I gotcha.. I'll be sending request as Dj Ron360
  4. Oh ok... Well that's good to know... Now all I need to do is get some friends that play this too.. Lol
  5. Actually, It haven't happened to me... but it was brought to my attention on here by a person who plays it on Steam. I play on Xbox One and haven't had visitors yet (because none of my friends play it), but I figured.. if it could happen on Steam, it could happen on any platform... Just thought I'd bring it to the attention of the developers!
  6. I appreciate that, but I was referring to having some people help me search and gather resources sometimes!
  7. When first entering the Rover and beginning to use it (Every time) it freezes and lags
  8. Players should receive some type of notification when a player visits their planet. Also.. there should be some type of way you could penalize a person from stealing items you've made or found.
  9. Looking For Mature Players I Can Add To My Friends List To Help Me Out With Finding Items Within This Game & Vice Versa... If You're Playing On Xbox One & Is Interested In Joining Me, Add You Gamertag... Thanks, I Could Really Use The Help With Exploring!
  10. I'm lovin' this game... I just wanna know... will other players be able to visit my planet while I'm not playing and if so.. will notifications be given out?
  11. Okay.. After purchasing the game, save option became available... I'm happy to be playing this lovely and skillful game once again. I guess I was just doing less reading, because I was to eager to play! Thanks to everyone for the responses
  12. I also wasn't aware that this was a timed trial, went to play and it said my time trial had expired.
  13. I've just noticed, after starting to play again, that is says.. saved games and multiplayer would be deactivated during the trial version. I can understand multiplayer being deactivated, but why the save feature?
  14. Thanks... But unfortunately for me, I'm very new to that, do you think you could possibly direct me on how to do that please?