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    Multiple Multiplayer issues

    Even when it's just me hosting and a remote client (not Talleh), same problems happen, so it can't be the fact that there's two of us on the same connection. The remote client is on 50/(20?) mbps.
  2. Incredibad

    Multiple Multiplayer issues

    To add to the issues listed above, cables between rover and trailer will sometimes just break (client only, again, host is fine). Always fun seeing your friend coming back and asking what happened to their 3rd trailer.
  3. Incredibad

    Multiple Multiplayer issues

    I'm hosting this particular game, and this has happened when one of our other friends hosts too. It only seems to start happening deep into the game, once we start doing a lot of terraforming (digging for resources etc). It used to be in early access that the host was the one that suffered the performance hit, but since the latest update, this has been reversed so that the clients are experiencing massive performance hits as opposed to the host (weird). I'm running the game on a Ryzen 5 1600X, GTX 1080, 16GB of RAM. I do experience some performance loss when there are 2-3 other players, but the game is still playable at around 20-30 FPS.
  4. Incredibad

    Extreme World CO-OP Desync

    We are also having these issues in multiplayer. Massive desyncs to the point that it's unplayable. This is still happening after the current update that claims to have mostly fixed these issues. The host is fine, but all of the clients are suffering. Guess we'll just wait for dedicated servers... again.