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  1. When my OS is freezes, i CANNOT move cursor, use arrows on keyboard, use ATL+Tab, and anything else.
  2. When I start the game, there is a standard loading. After loading my computer freezes and I can not do anything and only after a full restart of my OS I can use my PC again. Features of my PC: Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 635 Processor 2.90 GHz (4 core) Ram: 6 Gb Type of OS: 64 bit Videocard: AMD Radeon HD 5700 Series (1 GB) Operation System: Windows 7 Maximal P.S. problem starts after version 1.0.13, but i hoped what in next patches you can fix that, and just wait, but after some time, on patch 1.0.15, today, i tried to start game 2 times, and every time it freeze my PC. Again and Again. I dont know what i need to do, so, if you know how or can help me, i beg you, please, help me. I Really want to play this game, but cannot. P.P.S. i played in Astroneer before game has 1.0 version on 50Fps~, after patch 1.0 is coming, i still CAN play at 35-40Fps~, but when patch 1.0.13 is coming, i cannot play anymore. If you need any files, just tell me, i can send you. Thank you.