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    Sylva Labyrinth

    Dear fellow Astroneers! 😁 I want to share some of the stuff I've built in my game, the latest being a labyrinth. First, here's a graphic preview of the labyrinth and a few other creations I've made in Astroneer: SYLVA LABYRINTH MY LITTLE STONEHENGE SID THE SITTING STATUE MY SLOPPY TOWER TERRACOTTA ENTOURAGE MOUNTAIN EATER OUTRUN THE SUN Finally, if you want to test out the labyrinth, I've uploaded the save file to NexusMods, you can download it there. You will appear at the entrance to the labyrinth. Go inside and try to navigate towards a tower placed inside the maze. Under the tower you will find a piece of debris with a power cell attached to it. Retrieve the power cell, bring it back to the base. Time yourself if you want: start the timer as you enter the maze, end the timer as you return to the base with the power cell. Use provided tethers for oxygen supply and navigation assistance. Rules: No climbing walls. No shortcuts. No use of Terrain Tool. (But of course, if you get frustrated, just do whatever you want. This is meant to be fun, not painful). If you finish the labyrinth under: 05 minutes - you get PLATINUM rating 10 minutes - you get GOLD rating 20 minutes - you get SILVER rating 30 minutes - you get BRONZE rating I myself finish in somewhere around 6 minutes. To do it under 5 minutes you would need to know by heart the shortest route and be fast. Keep in mind, the labyrinth wasn't designed to be easy or fun. It was designed to keep you going in loops and getting you lost But of course, the use of tethers makes it easier in a sense that you see where you've already been. Good luck! 😊 And I hope you like my work! 😇