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    Update 1.1.2 - May 10, 2019

  2. Nekudotaim

    Bodies of water and boats?

    Water physics is too complex to implement in variable terrain situation, imagine if you drill holes in a lake and let the water flow to the core? Or just calculate all possibile water flows through all possible slopes and holes? Crazy...
  3. +1 +1 +1 and +1 You listed all good ideas to fix tangible issues. It happened many times to me to drive & dig and to fall into a hole becasue I'm literally watching the back of the rover while I'm doing it. To avoid this you have to frantically go 1 meter and rotate in multiple direction the view to pick a good spot to look at that is not occupied by the rover or the above terrain ceiling. In these situations is also very hard to detect the drill's digging angle, if you want to dig upward, you have to right click and pull up the mouse in an awkard orientation so that you basically watch the bottom-rear of the rover (the rear cable plug area) and in no way you're looking where you're diggin into. To fix this I thin that are required other control to adjust the drill's angle, such as maybe the UP/DOWN arrows or PGup/PGdn or whatever.
  4. Nekudotaim

    Intended, Overlooked, or Bug?

    I don't think it's a bug but I'm curious about the mechanic/reason that's behind it.
  5. Nekudotaim

    makes no sense

    and maybe try limiting frame rate at 60hz, just for testing
  6. Nekudotaim

    "Red Giant" Mode

    A play mode called "red giant" or whatever, in which after some time after the normal beginning of the game, the sun comes to end cycle of its life and it turns into a red giant, slowly increasing its volume and eating all the planets as it gets bigger and bigger, from the inner Sylva to the outer ones. The process is not of course that rapid, and in theory there would be plenty of time to do survival stuff and relaxed stuff. The player must escape the inner planets moving to outer planets and in the same time complete the story objectives. Maybe he's obligated to move his stuff every time, at least the most important ones, so you must optimize in resources to take and research to complete at each stage. It may make sense to introduce a "Universal Days" measurement of time, maybe based on Sylva rotation with this mode, to keep track and estimate on when the next planet destruction will occurr. This mode is not relaxed of course like the default mode is, and it serves to give the player a strong pourpose and to keep him on the edge all the time that is a thing that the default mode doesn't do and this fact may put a risk the longevity of the game. Don't Starve for example does this thing very good, you may die everytime for multiple reasons and that way the player is extremely focused and interested in what he does.
  7. Nekudotaim

    Add water to Sylva

    Liquids are a pain in the a. to implement in such a highly flexible terrain, lot of physics involved to deal with. Water leaking through holes, etc. Imagine all the water gathering into the core after some unfortunate drill?
  8. Nekudotaim

    Printable Elevator!!!🤯

  9. I found out by experience that for a 100% satified and guaranteed plugs connection one must point the mouse dot at the yellow part of the receiver plug.
  10. Summary: - Steam - Can't snap items into medium storage slots mounted on large rover on certain rover's configurations Description: I noticed that after temporarly removing the RTG from next the Driver Seat of the Large Rover, I couldn't snap/store items into Medium Storage mounted in the back seats. Putting the RTG back fixes the issue. Removing the RTG again, the issue comes back. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1803 | Build 17134.648 CPU: Intel i5 750 GPU: R9 270X OC 2GB RAM: 20GB Drive: Seagate 2TB hdd
  11. Nekudotaim

    Research Pods

    lol? Dozens of wind turbines in a spot or around all the planets? I can't figure out the need for all these turbines except to test stress the game engine. By the way you're doing an awesome testing job of putting the game into stress! Keep it up!
  12. Nekudotaim

    Best thing i have found in the game

    Any ideas how to flip this thing? Mine is with the power socket facing the floor.
  13. Yeah me too, I was scared shitless before taking my first ride to harvest helium , didn't know what to expect from this "very hard" planet. I studied in the detail what to bring, etc Well, in the end I went there, did my things, came back at home base without problems. I hope they'll implement more robust and consiste health management, maybe food, dangerous moving life forms, corrosive atmosphere, storms, extreme cold and heat, etc, things that may kill you unless you equip yourself with adeguate protections. I know this would be rather complex to merge into the existing project tho.
  14. Nekudotaim

    Research Pods

    Why your graphic is that bad?
  15. Nekudotaim - Steam - Audio channels reversed.

    I confirm this bug. I add to this that when I'm in base and near a sound emitting structure (soil centrifuge, wind turbine, etc) even if I rotate the camera (the audio should be relative to the camera, not the guy, right?), its sound is fixed on an ear while it should rotate syncronously with the camera rotation.