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  1. Nekudotaim

    The Creative Update - November 15th, 2019

    Yeah, but nothing new. At the moment is a game about storages. To store resources. To build more and fancier storages.
  2. Nekudotaim

    The Creative Update - November 15th, 2019

    You don't need to start over at each update.
  3. Nekudotaim

    Need help to mine 50% of Desolo...

    lol, great job strange how the atmosphere remains a sphere
  4. Nekudotaim

    The Creative Update - November 15th, 2019

    I suppose I could, but I don't like doing it, in any game I play. Last time I did maybe was in 1995 for Doom 2 in which I had to record a demo showing I could complete the first level in the lowest time possibile, and send the demo in a floppy to a game magazine. A couple of weeks later they published the winner, he wasn't me although he spent a time higher than mine so I should have been the winner but maybe my floppy disc got lost or whatever.
  5. Nekudotaim

    The Creative Update - November 15th, 2019

    Uhm I can't belive you actually spent time to add this mode. Instead to make the game more challening and less boring a God-mode has been added.
  6. Nekudotaim

    activation train

    I use a stack of RTG's instead of those tiny batteries.
  7. Nekudotaim

    Satellite Spawning Bug

    I noticed this bug too, I think during an update items have been spawned multiple times at the same spot all around Sylva.
  8. Until they introduce player mortality by other means and the need of those resource to support ways to avoid to die, most of the resources matter to produce more tools and ways only to gather these resources.
  9. Nekudotaim

    Thank you and New Direction Thoughts

    Fortnite? If you guys replace Fortinte with Don't Starve to the list of games to look into for the survival component (food, temperature hazards), you're making The Game of the century, even if at a lower level of complexity that Don't Starve offers.
  10. Nekudotaim

    Liquids in Astroneer

    Nope, their physics is too complex to mantein and simulate on a such variable and vast environment. It would be cpu killer and infinite bugs source.
  11. Nekudotaim

    Introduce Digging Elevator!

    I don't see the point why a player should enclose himself in such a grave-tubular sarcophagus like and start a blind descent into a planet's surface and there remain for the ethernity? I only judged this idea but if I should propose an alternative closes to this, I'd prefer a whole tier of elevator platforms - not drillers tho - only to ascend descend, from smalled size to contain a medium rover or two to bigger sized for larger large rover's trains. But still if one already dug into lower levels via tunnels I don't see a specific pourpose to these in the actual state of the game.
  12. Maybe I didn't read the manual right - hey, but there are no instructions for the items in the game 😉 When I want to Drill I mount the Drill on one of the slots in front of the rover - usually the left one - and I activate it by pressing V Here comes the first question, regardless the side I put the Drill on (left or right), it activates only by pressing V, even if it would be way more accessible with C and I would expect it to do so in the same way it happens when I put the items on my left and right backpack's slots. When I want to Pave, I mount the Paver next to the Drill, and still I have to hit V, regardless of the position as said before. If I want to go back at normal Drilling only, I have to exit the vehicle, dismount the Paver on a non-functional slot and go back the vehicle and so on. Am I doing this right? I would expect that I could simply have them both mounted forever and be able to activate one or another with C or V depending on where are they mounted (left or right) without having to mount/dismonut the Paver every time.
  13. I mostly agree. I have great memories of my first to-the-core mission on Sylva made only on foot, with tethers and a very basic knowledge of the terrain tool (I didn't know how to copy the slopes...) But yet I was afraid, immersed and astonished while advancing in the mission, knowing I was far from the base. In hindsight I guess it was a lie because there wasn't much of being afraid of after all... except being careful of where I stepped on, but yet those sensations were intense and thanks to this game for having them delivered! Others to the core missions are more cold and schematic with no emotions and all but c'est la vie
  14. Very hard to see and operate the drill/paver on large rover inside caves I think this is a long going dilemma, I just pull up because it's still on on and I have a possible solution. The issue is when you drill down in the large rover and you basically have the view stuck on its rear and if you try to rise hover it you can't always do it because there is the ceiling of the cave and the sides too. 1) viewability issue. If you can't/don't want move the pov on the head's player at least implement some sort of 90-95% transparency on the rover and all its mounted stuff that activates when the drill is functioning and the viewing direction is aligned with the drill's model. 2) drill's angle operativity. Depending on the cave/gallery structure you're driving, adjusting the drill's angle is very difficult if not impossibile by both mouse movement and eye's impediment as from issue 1) above. I don't see an easy solution here. Separate key controls to operates up/down the drill won't make things a lot easier. Maybe the mouse wheel would do?
  15. Nekudotaim

    Large Storage Silo doesn't work with canisters.

    That's some real armageddon resources packing lool...