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    game freeze crash

    Hi im having a prbloem with astroneer as much as i like this game playing it is hard for me . And now the question is why cant i play normally like my other friends , is it because of my pc or is it because of the game itself ? Im running on Amd 7 1700 , MOBO MSI B350 PC MATE , Ram 16GB DDR4 GOODRAM IRDM X 3000MHZ 16-18-18 (Its 8gb+8gb) and im using 32 samsung tv as my display
  2. Karmul

    game freeze crash

    I run on low everything , yet the game still freeze crashes i play in windowed mode because that way i know i can play a little bit longer
  3. Karmul

    game freeze crash

    Gtx 1060 6gb Gigabyte