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    Save games still will not save anything new

    The patch worked! I can finally play and save again. I'm SO glad the developers finally fixed this. Thanks for the update and keeping us informed.
  2. TexRex

    Game stopped saving

    Good luck getting someone to address this issue. I've been having this issue for over two months. Still can't play the game as it won't save https://forum.systemera.net/topic/52559-save-games-still-will-not-save-anything-new/ https://forum.systemera.net/topic/52814-112-xbox-one-xwindows-game-wont-save-after-10-15-min/
  3. TexRex

    Save games still will not save anything new

    Still having the same issue after a month and a half. Game acts like it is saving...from a shelter, vehicle, shuttle...but it doesn't. I beat the game. I just want to enjoy some time building and crafting. Thought the problem was fixed with the recent update but lost 2 hours of game play. I just wish someone would acknowledge the issue and that they are looking into it. Also, develop an option that doesn't require getting in a vehicle, shelter, or quitting the game to save. Can't stress enough how much I enjoyed (past tense) playing the game and did so for MANY hours.
  4. The update worked great for the first 10 min. Frame rate is noticeably improved especially on Xbox. But after 10-15 min. of play, the game won't save! I thought I could finally play the game after the last patch. Love playing this game. Please address this issue!!! I do NOT want to start a new game.
  5. TexRex

    Patch 1.0.15 - April 11, 2019

    Love this game but...still cannot save a game if I use a vehicle. Saves with shelters but I've lost several hours of work by hopping on a tractor or rover.
  6. TexRex

    Save games still will not save anything new

    I seemed to have found the issue for me. If I use a shelter to save, no problems. If I use a vehicle (tractor, rover) it will save once but will not continue to save after about 2 minutes of exiting the vehicle. I have to reload, jump back on, drive a short distance (just 30 sec or less), hop off and repeat this process until I can get to a shelter. So, I cannot use vehicles to haul any materials. I really hope the developers are looking into this. I play this on both PC and Xbox. However, Xbox is almost useless to play on as framerate is way too slow.
  7. TexRex

    Save games still will not save anything new

    I am having the same issue. Can't save after about 10 seconds into the game. No research chambers are running. I have finished the game and don't want to start over again. It's like living the movie Groundhog Day