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  1. Please put the size of the worlds back the way they were and double the draw distance. I know you are wanting to get the frames up, and you are, my games are running well over 100 frames now. But, I can drive around sylva in like 10-15 minutes, that is just wrong. Pre one I got lost for like 3-4 hours with a "rig" 3 large rovers fully loaded, it was awesome!! All the places I got to see (the rocks were a pia but it was so fun. The size is destroying the game for me, I can almost walk in between teleporters now. Please Please Please, put them back! Astroneer is the best game ever, but you are killing it. I would rather have 60-80 frames and have the worlds back the way they were.
  2. Each full size hab, even the starting one has not only a launch pad but a numbered transport pad. So if you put a full size hab on another planet, you would get the hab, landing pad and numberd transport pad. Then you can guess the rest. This Full size hab would be very pricey and would be in adition to the main hab, and field shelter. To create it would take extra resources. Make the transport look much like the trader......his would also work with multi habs on same planet..... Take care and good luck.
  3. bstewart

    Scrap LTE Numbers?????

    Just wondering how important the Scrap LTE was point wise, havn't seen or heard anything. Guess it wasn't worth working on?????? Oh well, Astroneer 2.0 Till then....
  4. We have the Memory Hole back again. Started a new game for the wanders update. Can play 45-60 mins, get a memory warning at 15.5 gig use, hard freeze at 16.0 gigs memory, have to kill with task manager, Darn shame, my frames have gone up to about 120 most of the time, they have been 40-50 at best in the past.. FYI, MEMORY HOLE Good Luck Building a new rig with 64 gig memory, maybe it won't freeze ???? 790 hours now,,,,,,,,
  5. bstewart - Steam / Worse

    Well, spent about 50 5-30 minutes apart crashes cleaning up 80 stacks of tethers on Sylia and Desolo. No help. Repacked almost everything on Desolo and brought it back to Syliva, shredded everything I could. No help. I,m back to a large memory hole in the code somewhere that needs to be fixed. I would stop adding new stuff and fix what I had so it can actually be played. But that is just me. It was fun while it lasted. Rip Astroneer.... I'll check and see if it makes it to 2.0 and try again later. Good Luck, God' speed....
  6. bstewart - Steam / Worse

    Just to see what would happen, started a fresh game, surprise! 30% Cpu and about 3 gig memory, was able to play for 8 hours non-stop with no crashes. I will try to clean up my game and see if I can get it running better. So, that is that. Thank you for your future work... It will be nice to be able to play a full game all the way through. God Bless and take care. Hope this helps. P.S. When the new Ryzen and X500 chipset motherboards are out later this year I will build a BEAST 5 mhz Cpu 32 gig high speed ram Nvme drive with a nvidis 2080 ti Might even put windows 10 on it lolololoolol Maybe that will fix it. 🙂
  7. Hello, from Casper Wyoming. Thank you for an awesome game! I hope it brings you much happiness, joy, wealth! It is truly a joy to play and I have about 300 hours on pre 1.0 and about the same post 1.0. It has been so much fun!! This game has gotten me back into gaming which I had not done for many years. I got Retro !! I am a Hospital Information Specialist of 26 years. 59 year old Male that started my computing journey with Dos 3.0 on a Tandy PC (no Harddrive). Now to the purpose of this post: Assuming they are read. 1.0.14 with unknown contents or purpose has made the game all but unplayable. I can not vote for Astroneer in any category in it's current state. 1.0.14 was rolled out on a Friday (Never Ever perform a update/patch/change on Friday) (my rule that has served me well for over 26 years) unless you are planning to come to work on Saturday. Before this patch 1.0.13 the game would run about 1-2 hours before hanging and/or crashing to desktop with/without error. Playable in my mind because it is that much fun! Now, post 1.0.14 I get a brief (pause/hang) for a half a second about 2-3 minutes into a loaded game. then it will run normally for about 5-15 mins then will hang and/or crash to desktop with/without error. When I finally gave up last night (after about a dozen crashes/hangs), I watched it in task manager after a hang (with the sound still playing) chew up all my memory in about 30 seconds then crash to desktop with no error. You have a large memory hole somewhere. Every-time it is triggered it is fatal. The game 1.0.13 normally ran on my system (all settings have been tried at high and medium with normal clouds) with 25% Cpu and 6-7 gigs memory, never over 8 gigs. It would hang/crash about every 1-2 hours. The game 1.0.14 now will have a brief pause/freeze after about 30 seconds after loading the game, then is playable for about 5-15 minutes before hang/crash. My specs: Steam on spectrum cable network, hard line giga network lan Windows 7 pro 64 bit with all updates, cleaned/optimized and only used for gaming, nothing else. No virus/malware/firewalls needed. AMD FX-8350 cpu not overclocked 16 gigs ram not overclocked Samsung pro 500 gig ssd 1070 ti nvidia standard out of box settings / was using a nvidia 980 but needed to upgrade as the game was not running smooth. Game video settings have been tried on High and medium which seems to make no difference performance ond or crashing. All gateways and core unlocked on Syliva All gateways and core unlocked on Desolo Four gateways unlocked on Calidor Then 1.0.14 hit and am not able to play anymore. Thank you for your time and consideration, I hope this is helpful and if there is anything I can do to help, Please let me know. I will be waiting for a roll back of the patch or a fix. I am sure thi is not the first or the last report on 1.0.14. Good Luck