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  1. May it please be noted that @johnshunter3 was in my game. I was the host of the game and he was having various issues. This mostly was a buggy game where he had to leave the game. Upon leaving the game, he only had one option, “create new game”. No Co-Op or Solo. It was just that. My game appeared under that button, but unjoinable. When he clicked create new game, he was put into my game, but in a starter shuttle and losing whatever previous items/location he had. This happened over 5 times, the last of which being were he lost 2 RTGs, a large shuttle, and a hydrazine fuel thruster while orbiting Desolo. He couldn’t land on Desolo nor fly away from it. I hope this clears some thoughts up and that our items may be restored. (We aren’t very far and it’s taken us over 8 hours to get those two RTGs, rocket, thruster.) Thank you for addressing our issue, Indigo