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  1. The one unit from a Medium Wind Turbine is too inefficient. In the same dual power port you can use a Medium Storage with 8 Small Wind Turbines (2000 bytes less to unlock) and create 4 times the power. Also build a ramp up high and put the wind turbines up there. The wind blows much more often the higher up you go . I use generators as cheap extenders until I can afford the real ones (all that copper). I set up a Large Storage B or two A's with 32 small wind turbines. Sixteen units of power will run four Research Chambers, a Soil Centrifuge, Smelter and all printers at full speed all at the same time.
  2. The introduction of the Paver has been a thrilling new development in Astroneer. Created a main base on Vesania as it is one of the hardest planets to do so. The terrain is hard to transverse with large pits and many giant plants. The giant red ball shaped objects don't make it any easier. Finally created a large rover, a RTG, Strength 1 drill, paver, rover seat and four Medium Canisters. Then I decided to take a trip completely around the planet. Saw sights I had never seen before. The planet changes are very drastic. Very different from where I have ever landed. The paver tool keeps me from falling into the pits too. It only took me a less than a half hour to create this road and I could see the beacons of my base again welcoming me home.
  3. When the Medium Storage runs out of soil, replace it before running the Soil Centrifuge again (don't let it run dry). If you replace the empty Medium Canister, the Soil Centrifuge won't have to be primed again. I only wish they would allow us to use a Large Silo B to have 12 medium canisters that would work with this scenario. The only break we get is when you use two Medium Canisters on an Extra Large Platform C. When you use a Medium Storage (skid) on the end of the Large B platform, you have to remove one of the resources as it hits the table if you are making resin, compound or organic (so there is room for the full Small Canister).. When you upgrade to a Medium Silo, that issue is eliminated.
  4. Just watched one of One Last Midnight's videos on an alternate start on Novus. At first I thought it was going to be one of their exciting challenges, but it turned out to be just another game. I mean I thought that players went to Novus with nothing and built up without leaving the planet. But the three joining guests spent time to get zinc and copper. Why didn't they just go to all the other planets first and show up to Novus with three large shuttles filled with 600 resources each? Then "Midnight" said that they didn't want to live in the dark ages. To get the power up first. I agreed with this, but then he wasted 2,000 bytes for medium wind turbines instead of smalls. Then they placed them where they would get the least amount of wind. Using small wind turbine would have cost less bytes to unlock, used half the resources per unit and provided them with 4 times the amount of power using the same platform space. Couldn't believe that after a year of playing Astroneer they were still doing this. And the base was the same obsolete design we all did a thousand hours ago. I've watched and enjoyed dozens of his videos. The Jet Pack video was well done and pretty amazing how he measured everything.
  5. Put a full medium canister on one end of a large platform B and a medium storage or silo on the other end with a Soil Centrifuge in the middle. You need to use two small canisters to prime the centrifuge, but they will refill automatically by the medium canister. After you run the centrifuge, the medium canister will automatically fill the machine again. You can also do this with two medium canisters on the left wing of an extra large platform C (the medium canisters must be placed directly on the platform (can't use a large storage)) and two medium silos (can't use Large Silo B) on the other side with two soil centrifuges in the center. You will need one extra small canister for the automation to work. I like this setup a lot better than the old way of using a ton of small canisters and having to sort through all the resources and small canisters later on. This way I only have to remove one small canister from one of the silos and I'll have say, 47 ammonium ready to be processed at the Chem Lab for Hydrazine.
  6. Diantane

    Base Expansion 4.0

    Put an power cell in the odd slot up top of the tall storage and it will power anything else you put on it in the middle of nowhere forever (no need for power cables).
  7. Diantane

    Automated processing

    You can set up a gas plant by putting the Atmospheric Condenser along with storage and any power (even a small solar or wind turbine) on a platform. When the sun is out or the wind blows, turn on the condenser and it will continue to run on and off as the power comes in or stops (when the power comes back on, the condenser will come back on automatically). Come back in a day or anytime you like and the storage will be full of gas. I left two condensers on Sylva (one on Hydrogen and the other on Nitrogen. Put them on an extra large platform C (any platform(s) will do). Put two medium silos on each end. Then hooked up the shelter to the platform and switched everything on. A day later I returned and swapped out the full silos with empty ones. I also have these mini gas plants on other planets.
  8. Love playing multiplayer, but when your newly built large rover train goes flying into space when you get out of them, this love turns to a dislike. We've lost several large rovers, medium rovers and tractors. Last week a friend ends up in space on his tractor. This is funny when it first happens, but this has been going on for several months. Every patch comes out with no mention of a bug fix like the developers just don't care. Do we take are time together to another game?
  9. Diantane

    Rover and Drill Problem

    In a multiplayer game the rover sinks into the ground when the drill turns on making it impossible to move. A fix for this is to turn the drill on and off repeatedly after gaining momentum or turn drill on, then off, then move ahead about 20 feet -- at least until they fix this On a solo game there are no such problems
  10. Steam PC version (mouse & keyboard) Find the ore. Use the terrain tool to extract it. After mining several pieces, I look down and all ore gone (passed through the terrain). May end up in cave way below or somewhere in soil. My work around has been to compact the soil by leveling the floor under ore for about 30 seconds. This has been a problem since release of Terrain 2.0.
  11. We have just returned to the base with a load of ammonium. When I get out, the rover and my buddy shoots off in space. He said that he never got out of his seat. The rover just separated the two and the rover went into a higher orbit above his head. Eventually he ran out of air and died (returning to the shelter). Tried to reload the game, but that didn't work. This is the forth large rover lost in multiplayer (one with extra large shredder aboard. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1445504345
  12. I've been collecting in Astroneer since the release of 1.0. I don't believe I've perfected this skill as I'm continuously improving. However, when we are in multiplayer games and players see the speed on how I can eliminate entire mountains, they go do something else. I've built several vehicles to do this, from Medium to Large Rovers. There has also been many different designs. The key feature you want in a SCV is high capacity, maneuverability and speed. You can build them so large that they hold a lot of canisters (especially using silos, but the visibility is so low that you can hardly see where you're driving. This also greatly affects your speed. Like connecting 4 large rovers with up to 25 silos (600 canisters). It would take you all day to fill it and drive you so crazy, you'd never want to do it again. One of my SCV's consisted of 192 canisters (2 large storage, 4 silos each). Took me (a very experienced collector) 85 minutes to fill. But by removing the front two silos and adding 2 tall storage with floodlights (144 canisters), I filled it up in 28 minutes. So this new design was far more efficient. Using the overhead lights was a dream come true. Even at night my visibility is amazing. Equipment Medium Rover Drill up front, Rover Seat on top/front, silo on top/back, medium battery or RTG in the back. Optional (Floodlight in top forward facing slot on silo. Large Rover Drill and Rover Seat up front, 2 large storage up top with holes facing front to back, silos filled with canisters in back six dual power ports, 2 Tall Storage facing forward on front part of large storage, 2 Floodlights facing down, beacon in one or two holes up top, RTG and Oxygenator in the back. Operation You may have seen the YouTube videos of someone putting on a drill and driving straight through a mountain. Before you start getting too excited, that shot most likely took many takes. If you could drive straight through without falling into a hole, ravine or cavern, you would be extremely lucky. When I drilled out a road going down to the core, I had an experienced "Front Man" filling up all the holes and adding bridges over the caverns and ravines we encountered. The most efficient way to mine is to level a mountain. This keeps you above the caves and ravines. Drive up to the very peak. Add bridges where needed, but start there. Then clear off the top and work way down by only skimming off a few feet at a time. Remember, visibility equals speed. Keep skimming off a few feet all the way down. In the daytime get out of the vehicle and look for pieces of soil or large clumps that you may have missed. Clear them with your terrain tool. Carry two canisters and when they get full, replace them with two empties from the SCV. Scrap off soil in short forward movements. Then back up, turn a little to the left or right and move forward again. Warning! If you should fall into a pit or off the side of the mountain, TURN OFF THE DRILL or you may go down hundreds of feet and waste hours recovering. Let me know if you have any questions. ~Diantane
  13. One is fun and one is work. The work can be fun, but only to a few players. In a simple game you find a few resources and advance to the end of the game. Then you quit and go play something else. On an industrial world there is so much to do. We mine on an industrial scale. Large shuttles are loaded with two large storage's with four silos on each (up to 192 slots). The shuttle flies to the mine that is needed. When it lands the two large storage's are transferred to a waiting large rover. The rover goes deep into the mine and players fill up the slots with ore. Silos are spread out throughout the mine to be filled and then brought back to the large storage. When everything is full, the rover returns to the shuttle and all is transferred back inside. The shuttle returns to a processing center. Then the two large storage's are either placed on either side of a Extra Large Platform C with two smelters inside or to a waiting rover and carried to the chem lab to be processed or to the warehouse area. If the smelters are needed, it takes up to an hour to finish. Today we need two loads of Titanite (384 pieces). Half is being used to create silos to expand our capacity. The rest will be converted into Titanium Alloy. Two highways are under construction. One extends the west road from the main base about 20 miles. The other runs between the two poles on Atrox.
  14. Diantane

    Mega Worlds are next to impossible solo

    Multiplayer (MP) is playable, but you have to compromise with the game to do it (until these problems are fixed. System Era has hired many more techs. 1) In MP you have a chance of losing large rovers -- I have enough resources to build at least 130 more of them, but only 45 are in operation and I've only lost one in months 2) When collecting soil in (MP) the large rover tires sink in the ground when the drill is on --- Press "V" over and over again as you move forward 3) When another player sits in vehicle it saves the game and takes several seconds to do it -- hopefully this bug is fixed soon, but its not bad enough to make me quit So you don't want to waste time playing in multiplayer, because they may come out with dedicated servers soon? They are so far away from dedicated servers, that it "might" happen in four or five years. Sure and you better leave your job now, because you may win the lottery one day "soon". Think of all that time you wasted working there 😖
  15. Diantane

    My backpack has 24 slots

    To me a larger backpack would mean more utility. Unless of course they gave us a hundred slots