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  1. The following is right after you have gotten Wolframite and have built the chem lab An easy soil collection vehicle using one medium rover is putting the drill up front, seat on top front, medium canister on top rear and a medium battery on the back. But what if you wanted to carry two medium canisters? You would think there was no way to fit all that. That you couldn't use a large storage up top because he rover seat won't work in one of those slots. What you need to do is think outside the box as I do When you are sure which way the rover goes forward, leave the drill bit on the front, but put the rover seat at the rear (backwards). Use the large storage up top with two medium storage's in it, the medium battery and a medium storage . On the medium storage put three or four small wind turbines and or solar's, a small generator (for emergency loss of power), a flood light at the top (front and rear) and a beacon. When you sit in the seat you will see the same thing as when you have the seat at the front and now you've got one heck of a soil collector. Hint: Most players run straight through a mountain. The best way to do it is to go to the top of a mountain and work in layers. Moving back and forth as to scrape the entire mountain away. So when you are done after several dozen trips, you'll literally have a mountain of soil processed. The reason you only use one rover is because of all the efficient back-up's you need to do.
  2. Diantane

    Steampunk Mobile Base

    See Steampunk Exploration Vehicle for details This mobile base contains everything a regular base has. The atmosphere condenser and trade platform is packed as they are used so seldom. All gases, packagers, hydrazine (for jet packs) and printers are in storage at the rear (more can be made easily). There are three extra seats for your friends. Scouting vehicles can be printed as needed (just take one of the four medium batteries for power).
  3. See Steampunk Exploration Vehicle for details This vehicle also sports a paver and seats four
  4. See the article: Steampunk Exploration Vehicle for details (except I added two more medium generators) You can replace the fifth research chamber at the tail with a Large Silo B for nugget storage (12)
  5. A self contained, automated. carbon powered rover. All you have to do is turn on the drill as needed as you travel. Then stop to activate the centrifuge and the rest takes care of itself. 1) Centrifuge makes organic and then automatically sends it to the smelter or two medium silos 2) The smelter turns all organic to carbon and then automatically sends it to the two medium silos 3) The centrifuge automatically refills from the four medium canisters 4) Carbon feeds the two medium generators automatically which recharge the four batteries as needed The vehicle runs day or night without wind and has never been to Atrox for helium
  6. Diantane

    Super Shuttle Away!

    Built a shuttle on the Creative Mode with four rocket engines
  7. The following is for those that have already completed their achievements and looking for something new.: 1) Start in Creative Mode 2) Make a small shuttle. Get in and take off. Go to any planet you desire 3) Activate "Flight Mode" 4) Leave the shuttle behind and go find a location that you want to start your game 5) Once you find a good spot, make a Shelter and deploy it 6) Hit escape and click on Creative Mode to turn it off Note: All items are locked just like a normal game. 😎 Enjoy your new adventure!
  8. Diantane

    Push Me, Pull You

    Here's an exciting vehicle/toy to play with. Put two hydrazine thrusters on the front and back of a large rover. Then a seat(s) up top and a power source. Press the "c" key to go forward (fast) or "v" to to put the brakes on. Try building a ramp and drive up with the rear thrusters on. When you are in space (lol) you can use either thrusters to maneuver yourself.
  9. How about through the entire planet in under a minute from north to south poles (moons take less time). This of course is after a bit of practice in the Creative Mode. You will need: Large Rover, Rover seat, Paver, a couple Medium Canisters (full), Strength 3 Drill, RTG or a few medium batteries (a medium generator with carbon fuel works too), two Hydrazine Thrusters loaded with Hydrazine. That's right, head down into the ground after pressing "v" to activate the drill and paver. Get your angle right (straight down) and get ready for the ride of your life (press "c") and hang on! I've tried this ultra fast vehicle on land too, but watch out for those ramps. You'll be launched way into deep space - lol.
  10. The one unit from a Medium Wind Turbine is too inefficient. In the same dual power port you can use a Medium Storage with 8 Small Wind Turbines (2000 bytes less to unlock) and create 4 times the power. Also build a ramp up high and put the wind turbines up there. The wind blows much more often the higher up you go . I use generators as cheap extenders until I can afford the real ones (all that copper). I set up a Large Storage B or two A's with 32 small wind turbines. Sixteen units of power will run four Research Chambers, a Soil Centrifuge, Smelter and all printers at full speed all at the same time.
  11. The introduction of the Paver has been a thrilling new development in Astroneer. Created a main base on Vesania as it is one of the hardest planets to do so. The terrain is hard to transverse with large pits and many giant plants. The giant red ball shaped objects don't make it any easier. Finally created a large rover, a RTG, Strength 1 drill, paver, rover seat and four Medium Canisters. Then I decided to take a trip completely around the planet. Saw sights I had never seen before. The planet changes are very drastic. Very different from where I have ever landed. The paver tool keeps me from falling into the pits too. It only took me a less than a half hour to create this road and I could see the beacons of my base again welcoming me home.
  12. When the Medium Storage runs out of soil, replace it before running the Soil Centrifuge again (don't let it run dry). If you replace the empty Medium Canister, the Soil Centrifuge won't have to be primed again. I only wish they would allow us to use a Large Silo B to have 12 medium canisters that would work with this scenario. The only break we get is when you use two Medium Canisters on an Extra Large Platform C. When you use a Medium Storage (skid) on the end of the Large B platform, you have to remove one of the resources as it hits the table if you are making resin, compound or organic (so there is room for the full Small Canister).. When you upgrade to a Medium Silo, that issue is eliminated.
  13. Just watched one of One Last Midnight's videos on an alternate start on Novus. At first I thought it was going to be one of their exciting challenges, but it turned out to be just another game. I mean I thought that players went to Novus with nothing and built up without leaving the planet. But the three joining guests spent time to get zinc and copper. Why didn't they just go to all the other planets first and show up to Novus with three large shuttles filled with 600 resources each? Then "Midnight" said that they didn't want to live in the dark ages. To get the power up first. I agreed with this, but then he wasted 2,000 bytes for medium wind turbines instead of smalls. Then they placed them where they would get the least amount of wind. Using small wind turbine would have cost less bytes to unlock, used half the resources per unit and provided them with 4 times the amount of power using the same platform space. Couldn't believe that after a year of playing Astroneer they were still doing this. And the base was the same obsolete design we all did a thousand hours ago. I've watched and enjoyed dozens of his videos. The Jet Pack video was well done and pretty amazing how he measured everything.
  14. Put a full medium canister on one end of a large platform B and a medium storage or silo on the other end with a Soil Centrifuge in the middle. You need to use two small canisters to prime the centrifuge, but they will refill automatically by the medium canister. After you run the centrifuge, the medium canister will automatically fill the machine again. You can also do this with two medium canisters on the left wing of an extra large platform C (the medium canisters must be placed directly on the platform (can't use a large storage)) and two medium silos (can't use Large Silo B) on the other side with two soil centrifuges in the center. You will need one extra small canister for the automation to work. I like this setup a lot better than the old way of using a ton of small canisters and having to sort through all the resources and small canisters later on. This way I only have to remove one small canister from one of the silos and I'll have say, 47 ammonium ready to be processed at the Chem Lab for Hydrazine.
  15. Diantane

    Base Expansion 4.0

    Put an power cell in the odd slot up top of the tall storage and it will power anything else you put on it in the middle of nowhere forever (no need for power cables).