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  1. Couldn't find any way to open a support ticket. My game crash on loading a saved game. I have searched and tried various solutions, they have failed or inadequate. That stack overflow error(if that's what it is) makes the game a waste of time for me. Between work, marriage and family life it feels disrespectful towards my hard earned free time. My specs are - OS: Windows 7 64 bit Motherboard: z370 aorus gaming 7 CPU: i7-8700K 3.7GHz RAM: 32GB DDR4 F1200 CL17 RAM Dual-Channels GFX Card: Nvidia Geforce 770 4GB I successfully host arma3 coop servers on this setup. I'd hope you'll help me to change my review into a positive one, I would love to do it! https://steamcommunity.com/id/Tuxu/recommended/361420 I've added my logs in a rar file in the mail I've sent to support@systemera.net from the mail I've logged into this website. Please redeem this game from its mess! Regards, Tuxu.
  2. Anyone knows? Steam Forums directs users to join this forum for help but AFAIC this forum doesn't supply the remedy I require. I feel that my issue is being ignored. I've sent a mail to support@systemera.net which was ignored. Is there any way to open a support ticket or apply for Dev\Professional Tech Support? System Era - What is going on?
  3. Is there a way to actually open a support ticket? Anyone knows?
  4. I'd just wish System Era would show some concern in regard to this issue since I, for once, feel ignored. Thank you for at least taking the time to read.