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  1. To be honest it probably is the computer, since it is a "family computer" and it is also an old ASUS computer.
  2. It is probably likely you Devs. have heard this before but I'm just gonna put it out there. Idea #1: Planes, or rather some sort of planetary rocket instead of interplanetary, with one variant the first one will be for atmosphere rich planets maybe with wings, but the second craft would be more for the planets lacking oxygen with boosters in place of the wings, the design is up to you guys, again just an idea. Idea #2: Trains, or some sort of transport other than the monuments that has the ability to take the smaller vehicles in it, or the ability to transport materials over long distances, such as the trains in Satisfactory that can be used for personal transport, but is better equipped for material transport. Sincerely, Gane432
  3. We Astroneers love new tech, first it was the random item picker, then a new build system, and finally the most important of all- The Catalog- without this miraculous device an Astroneer might as well have a broken oxygen tank. But alas this Astroneer has come to say that his Catalog is broken, I am able to see the item name and what they are made of, but I can not see the item, making it difficult to navigate through all the items, the pictures don't show in the search cylinder or on the screen, please fix this, as it becomes increasingly annoying with each time I log on. Sincerely, Gane432