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  1. all you gotta do is plug all of them in and turn them on except the one closest to the power source and when you're ready just plug in the last one. I just use the RTG/battery strat though. This requires too much organic farming time
  2. soulshined

    Is Atrox bugged? I can't get to the chambers

    launch pad strat is nottt a bad idea. that would take care of 5/6!!! There is 1 chamber smack in the middle of a massive crater. So i'll have to build a very very long ramp, but that's a good strat. not used to having launch pads so it didn't come to mind. Thank you
  3. soulshined

    Is Atrox bugged? I can't get to the chambers

    That really sucks. I spent a lot of time decorating and building cute structures in my world that I'm really proud of. Kind of demotivating to start a new one so I might build a ramp for each one so I don't lose this save. This is gonna take forever Thanks for the input though guys
  4. soulshined

    Is Atrox bugged? I can't get to the chambers

    Thanks, so this is normal for other players? I dont see any twitch streams or youtube videos with this outcome and every chamber is like this, so creating ramps that long for each chamber isn't my idea of fun. I'll start a new game without deleting this one just to see I guess. I just want to make sure it's not a bug, otherwise I'd send in a bug report so they can investigate accordingly.
  5. Please try not to spoil if you can help it, but I've been playing since Early access (~200 hours) and pretty well versed in how this game works, but I can't get to the chambers in Atrox. They are just floating in the sky. NO other planet is doing this. I know Atrox is hard difficulty, but I've tried using dual thrusters to get to the chambers, I've tried using a space shuttle and ramps but these guys are super super high and I'm beginning to think they are bugged. Which really sucks because I don't want to start a new world. See picture attachment and without spoiling it let me know if this is bugged and the world is glitched or not. Every chamber is like this