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    Patch 1.0.15 - April 11, 2019

    I have never ever had any of the issues mentioned here. The only problem I encounter in every playthrough since patch 1.0.8 i think, is that sometimes, one planet at random will glitch out and make my character constantly hit invisible obstacles when walking or running forward, forcing me to constantly jump in order to move around. Never happens on sylva. Most frequently on Novus, Vesania and Glacio. This glitch on glacio is slightly weaker, my character can move forward without jumping, but still hits invisible obstacles, making it seem like my game is suffering from heavy latency, even though I play solo.
  2. Astrobeam


    Did you mean this thursday or next?
  3. Astrobeam


    Not even one message in weeks from any of the devs, on their own forums. They didn't even bother making official patchnotes for the last patch. I see some devs spamming twitter with lot of random crap, nothing Astroneer related. One of them is talking about being excited about developping a new game.
  4. Astrobeam

    Patch notes - 4/4/19?

    Yeah, my Astroneer client is currently 1.0.14. Can't find any patchnotes. Must be some very minor bug-fix or something.
  5. Astrobeam

    Patch notes - 4/4/19?

    I just had 160.7 MB downloaded update, 10 minutes ago. Strange.
  6. Portable Oxygenator is extremely underwhelming for its price to make, me and my buddies were vastly disappointed when I made one, seeing that for 1 Nanocarbon Alloy we can create an RTG that provides unlimited power. And for even cheaper we can craft a tractor that has limitless oxygen supply which we can take anywhere. That being said, Portable Oxygenator would need a balance change. Okay, maybe not unlimited oxygen, but have it use a lot less power? Running around with backpack stashed with organics to power small generator to keep Portable Oxygenator running when required, kind of defeats the purpose of usefulness. Don't you think? Or is there a trick that I'm missing? Because this feels like I wasted 1 Nanocarbon Alloy which is a pain to make. Thank you for reading!
  7. Please delete this post. I didn't realize until too late that we have to write these reports after specific rules. I made a new topic already.
  8. Astrobeam

    Gpu usage 100% and crash

    You're damn right!
  9. Apologies about my other post I made, I didn't realize we need to write them after specific rules and I couldn't find a way to delete or edit it, I'm obviously new to forums. Writing a proper form report now. Description: - On Sylva planet, after flattening ground in random places, if items were placed there, they vanish after couple of minutes. - On Novus planet, after deforming/flattening ground, my character is bugged and has hindered movement. Seems to be running into small invisible objects all the time and the only way to avoid that is to sprint by constantly spamming jump. I can provide a video if required. - Also very high GPU usage. So far only games like BF V and Anthem on all Ultra settings have used my GPU to nearly 100%. Now Astroneer too, is it supposed to? Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 1.0.13 Specifications: OS: Win 10 x64 Home OS build: 17134.648 CPU: Intel i7 9700K oc 4.2ghz GPU: RTX 2070 8gb GDDR6 8gb RAM: Corsair 2x8GB DDR4 2666MHz Drive: Samsung 970 EVO NVMe M.2
  10. New problem: Items such as smaller research items and even some craftables disappear on deformed grounds, even on Sylva.
  11. I tried this on 2 different playthroughs. When I arrive on planet Novus for the first time on every playthrough and deform the terrain by adding or smoothing the surface I intend to build a crafting station on, my character starts to constantly hit invisible walls which slows the movement down quite a bit. The only way how I can walk around is is by jumping constantly which can be deadly when traversing the depths of caves. This doesn't happen on Desolo, but I haven't visited other planets yet, I'm new to astroneer!
  12. Astrobeam

    Gpu usage 100% and crash

    Actually I have one of the latest RTX cards with 8GB GDDR6 and it's using nearly full power of the card, no crashes though.