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  1. @TMarcher74, SLR That was a rather knee jerk reaction, however, I would love to share this with you since you asked. My response was based on what appeared to me, as you hijacking my post, and gamesplaining content and keeping the hype. .Another point about updates; a little known company named microsomething also push updates to fix things called trash Tuesdays. The reason they do that is because they also manage to break other things with their fixes. I am not stating that this is the case with this game. On the contrary
  2. @TMarcher74 I am not sure what you said, but you pasted it perfectly. Here's another one, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Have fun in Fortnite
  3. @vvhorusWell, Tl;dr happens, my bad. I am not requesting anything in the game. My horse and I just happened to ride by. Funny you should mention Ark, yes, many hours there, Couch fire. Same Co-founder from Trendy if I am not mistaken. While I left a note, albeit to long, it was not an allegation on mishandling their own creation. Currently, they seem to be trying to please everyone, so I am sure. Like Disney, they may well make all wishes come true.
  4. @SES_Adam, it is very courteous of you to share your creative process and other influential factors that inhabit the nature of the game. I have only the armchair experience to give back, so it is much easier for me obviously. My only challenge was to not intrude on others. You mentioned Minecraft, which is a good example. I was in playing it since indev-20091223-2, InDev for Infinite Development. By Alpha v1.2.2-1 we had a private server with 85 people from around the world and across the US. We controlled the snapshots, both server and client so it was up to our community when we would updat
  5. @Bushmills, I am speechless.I really appreciate your sentiment. You are very kind. Thank you and stay Awesome
  6. @Bron, Thank you for reading and being very gracious with your feedback. As a rule, I do not feel compelled to enter discussions concerning the games I play. They are what they are. However, many games are working on "games as a service" for which I am very much against. I want to Own my 1, 2 needed patch polished game. Even the possibility of using a glitch is nearly impossible, not patching for weird visual or stuck in wall, but because it’s a cheat. But what is creative mode? I have already quit three games that i put nearly as many hours in Because the core quest got harder, the item list
  7. Not sure what direction the game is taking. Like many new developers, they seem to take their cue from core players. Also like many new developers, they begin changing the very things that made it Unique and enjoyable to the core players. I would offer this penny wisdom. When you hear that your core players want things to be "harder" or "more challenging" you are making it that way for everyone, including brand new players. Many of the same players who ask for the difficulty and challenges will later ask for “quality of life" items. In terms of development hours, you are making it ha