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  1. Dunno TTOGG, I have to agree Astronium is pretty useless, especially when you have no use for bytes anymore, I think maybe it should be used as a fuel source for generators and for hydrazine thrusters, 1 astronium would be able to be used as 1 or 2 hydrazine for thrusters maybe and for generators it would last only a little bit but make everything you run go max speed with the two exceptions of Research Chamber and the trade platform, also make the printers print about 50 - 100% faster than maximum when using astronium on generators, mainly large printer as it is slow af, especially since it requires 4 materials and is relatively expensive compared to medium, small, and backpack. if it is more expensive, I feel that, the "price" should be a trade off for speed. The more expensive, the faster it goes...
  2. I didn't know that, that is interesting. I thought that all the other mods that were not either boost, wide, or drill mods were not useful... Thanks, I'm gonna need to start using the alignment mod from now on. I only have like 30 more hours invested into the game since a few months between the releases of Overwatch and Fortnite. To me the mods for the terrain deformation tool are new so if you have any more tips or secrets with the tool mods, I'd appreciate any help.Thanks.
  3. @Bwainless Are you sure that this update will be out next week for both Xbox and Steam or will it just be for Steam next week and Xbox two weeks from now?
  4. will the EFT be available for Xbox as well as PC? Or will it just be for certain systems?
  5. to flat ground, you just need to make a shelter, but for walls, yeah it's complicated to do... maybe have like an interface where you select the (almost) exact angle you want like 36 degrees or 27 degrees or so. Make it from 0 - 90 but whole numbers only no decimals. 0 is flat 90 is straight up /down. Allow the user to use the regular functions, so have it be like a terrain deformation mod... sometimes maintaining a path that you can use to get back to the surface, or a path that you can burrow to the core with is a pain to make, this would help a lot.
  6. first off I'm sorry about your financial problems. That is a little weird though how you were able to play that on a weaker computer. How long ago were you able to play on a weaker system? Long ago I didn't have to worry too much about crashes and I only upgraded from an X One to an X One S which is not a huge difference, really just 4k ability and better cooling/smaller size. So idk what they did, but I agree that they need to fix this. I am just wondering about how much you are able to spend, because I may be able to help you find an affordable, yet powerful, computer if you'd like... I'm just trying to help as best as I can and you can refuse it if you'd like. I'm sorry if you don't want/need help and I'll stop if you'd like me to.
  7. I'm not that knowledgeable in computers but I believe that it's just your system... from the little research that I did on what you said you were using, my conclusion that I came to was that your system cannot handle the heavy work load and stress that Astroneer puts on it. What is the age of the machine and is it a desktop or actual laptop? Either way If I were you, I'd try to save up enough money for an upgrade. I heard that the Asus ROG line of laptops does a pretty good job at handling high(er) work loads. My brother has one and he uses it for 3-d modeling and such, but he also uses it for gaming as well and one of the games he plays is actually Astroneer. For the most part the game runs smoothly but sometimes will get occasional lag. Otherwise, a desktop is pretty great, if you have space for one. For around the price of an Xbox one S/X or about 500 USD, you can make your own desktop computer that outperforms any Xbox/PS4, if you get the right components. My Xbox plays Astroneer pretty well for a few hours, but it has a few lag spikes and I always worry about it crashing, but most of the time, my Xbox (One S) powers through, sometimes it does crash though. So the right computer components for 500 bucks could definitely run the game with minimal crashing, if it's as good as or even better than the Xbox. If you have the money, you could even get the new Razer Blade Pro 17 or even the Razer Blade 15 as soon as they come out (soon hopefully). The Blade Pro 17 will feature the Nvidia Geforce RTX 20 series with the 9th gen Intel Core i7 base clock of 2.6GHz Turbo boost to 4.5 GHz with a Cache of 12MB and 16GB of Dual-Channel DDR4 2667 MHz RAM. They will also be able to be used with an eGPU (purchased separately) which will allow the use of more graphics cards for more power. The price is kinda hefty though with 2,000 usd for the cheapest and 3,300 usd for the most expensive, but you can use Affirm payments to spread the purchase out over several months. The system you may choose may vary from what I described. I am not trying to make any decisions for you but I think that you may need a new computer. I was making suggestions on what you should probably go for based on my friends' and family's experiences with them. Anyway I hope this may solve your problems.
  8. I do think that it is kinda dumb that a whole new solid fuel thruster costs less to make than 1 hydrazine. Though if you use up a solid fuel thruster and only have the junk of it left, you can scrap it and get some material back, I personally use the trading platform and scrap to get most of my ammonium (and even most of my materials) as 1 scrap = 1 ammonium, and it is really kinda easy to get scrap. This method also helps if you have a lot of a certain material and need to either "exchange it" or get more of another material. You can use multiple soil canisters and a soil centrifuge to make compound or resin, make an object out of that compound, resin, etc. shred it and trade that scrap for materials. The best part is that you can collect soil on your adventures if you'd like and if you find ammonium then you can mark it out or whatever and return after unloading your backpack of whatever you harvested/collected. Then you can empty your canisters and get more materials that you can scrap and get even more materials from this process. I also have a large rover with an RTG attached, a crane with drill mod 3, med storage and seat, another large rover body connected to it a large storage fitted with 4 medium storages, and then another final large rover body with a large shredder on the back of the last rover body is a winch and 2 work lights, on the front of the rover I have 4 soil canisters, 2 canisters on the drill and like 2 to 4 soil canisters and 2 oxygen canisters on my back. I go around with that and try to find detritus or wrecks and try to scrap anything around it, out of the 5 storages that I have attached to my rover "train" I have like one and a half full of lithium, two and a quarter full of ammonium and the rest full of scrap plus my backpack was full of misc materials that I collected, I made another large storage and four more medium, I went out for another 20 mins or so and filled 2 or 3 storages with materials which I converted from oxygen filters, tethers, and single seats into about 2 and 3/4 to 3 scrap pieces, which I traded for more ammonium, not to mention all of the broken wind turbines, solar panels, broken tethers, power cells, and what-not that i found and shredded . The rover also helped me powering up the gateways on Sylva. I know that I kind of went off topic, which I apologize for I was just explaining the way I get so much ammonium, but I think that the hydrazine should stay as it is, or make it 1 ammonium, and 1 carbon or something a little easier to find than ammonium, although it isn't that hard to find it, it gets a little frustrating if you have to travel a long distance to find 1 ammonium so that you can make hydrazine to get off the planet. I am not completely fond of the idea of making hydrazine out of 1 ammonium and 1 hydrogen. I would like to either see it a little easier to make or possibly even the reintroduction of the fuel condenser. I know that this (might) ruin the game for some people, but you don't have to use it if you don't like it, but if you did like it as I did, well I guess then you have to suck it up if they don't reintroduce it, which I don't get why people complain and get it taken away for everybody, really kind of miss it. Anyway these are just my thoughts and you can approve/disapprove of them if you'd like, but if you use my setup, tell me how it works out for you. I'd love to hear how your experiences are with it.
  9. SES is working on an extra large shredder for the April update that they have on their road map: I believe that the extra large shredder may allow us to shred any printed or broken item in the game.
  10. Well there are no uses for collecting the research right now, but in the suggestions and ideas section of the forums I found something that might be kind of interesting to see in the game. I added a link if you'd like to see a possible new use for bytes, even after every blue print has been researched.
  11. I would like to see water and boats added to this game as well. My problems with it though is that the water would absolutely KILL my Xbox, as it would require a lot of power to process and load the water, which my Xbox does not have enough of. With it's current state, Astroneer would crash within seconds and be unplayable at least for Xbox players, but if they added it to PC, it would be laggy AF at least. Maybe in the future when the lagging and crashing has been dealt with, only then would it be logical for them to add water and even boats. Playing it at this time, I deal with the game mostly crashing just trying to enter my rover. Plus I don't want this game being the cause of the screen of death on Xbox or PC, although it's very much less common on PC. If they add water to PC only though, that would completely screw with the multiplayer aspect of the game, as the Xbox version and the PC version would be out of sync. To add the water and boats to the game would require SES making a whole completely new system for PC and Xbox where they would have a single player mode and then a multiplayer mode kind of like a cross platform version of GTA 5. where only single player would have water on PC and not Xbox, and there would be no water on multiplayer, and if not everybody can enjoy having a specific item, say water, why add it at all? Other than that, I like where you are coming from with your idea but maybe in the future after many, many, many updates and patches and after the current crashing and lagging is dealt with, only then would I consider asking them to add water.
  12. @Davenaut I kind of see your point with the villagers and Minecraft thing, about how it would be a start. Anyway, I kind of like your idea for the small price difference if you launch to the store, but I don't think it should be too big of a difference probably 10 -15% tops at least 5% though. The idea of having your shuttle getting there for free (fuel-wise) it doesn't sit completely right with me, I mean I like reality but sometimes it can be too much, I think that instead of free "travel" to the station, the ship will rotate around Sylva kind of like your ship but the opposite way you're going. so if you are rotating from bottom to top, the store ship would rotate from top to bottom. once you are close enough to the store, you can refuel (if using hyrdazine) or replace the (solid-fuel) thruster for 800 bytes or so. If you want to go to shop around inside though, a giant electromagnet will pull your ship towards the station and dock it for you the player would have to aim their pointer at the ship and use their right trigger (on xbox, not sure what the equivalent it is for PC, I think it might be the F key). The shuttle would slowly gravitate towards the store and then dock, then the player can start shopping around the store. So in a way it is kind of free travel but you would have to wait a while to get there if you run out of fuel, it would be faster to get there using a possibly reduced amount of fuel to boost yourself. I like your idea of having the platform be for materials only and having the store be for everything else, but I would like to at least have a way to get finished products without having to fly to space. How about having tier 1 - 2 items be able to come down on the trade platform as well as all resources as the packages and resources take up only one slot and the tier 3 - 4 finished products have to be called in using a beacon, but can be purchased using the trade platform, but what if fireworks could also be used to call in the packages? It would add (more of) a use for fireworks. but if somebody wanted to use fireworks for fun they can craft them as the regular kind, and then a new kind that can be added crafted from "dark aluminum powder" which is aluminum and charcoal IRL and it burns really bright and hot kind of like a flare. It would obviously be made in the chemistry station. Any comments, questions, concerns?
  13. @Davenaut what if the "store" ship was someplace in the middle in orbit around Sylva but a little bit farther up so if you're near Atrox or Glacio, you can travel there without accidentally going to Sylva and wasting fuel and running out possibly not being able to reach the "store" ship without having to land and get more fuel. When you get to the ship however, your shuttle would be able to dock onto the store (keeping it from floating away possibly). You can then exit and move around on the ship if you'd like. It would be cool if it was kind of like RDR2's (Red Dead Redemption 2) general stores, where there would be a few items laying around for purchase, mainly raw materials and consumables (the less "expensive" stuff), but there would be a merchant. Yes it would be an actual NPC because this takes place during the Intergalactic Age of Discovery and many people would be spread out over many different solar systems, so where there's a solar system, there's people, and where there is people, there is money, or bytes in this case, plus I am a little sick of playing games where I am the only human left and everything else is either enemy or dead even 1 human(oid) NPC will help to change that. Anyway the merchant would have everything for sale, research pods/samples, resources, printed stuff, scrap, gases, blueprints, etc. but like before it would be balanced kind of like my post above. the trader can run out of stuff though and would require you to wait _ amount of time before he has more of what has sold out to sell. This can also even potentially be a step towards player and player trading and what not. In the store The bytes would be transferred automatically after you clarify what you want and how many you want and accept. If the store runs out of what you want, or you run out of storage on your back pack and shuttle, your materials will be kept in a storage of up to 20 resources and up to 5 large items and 1 extra large item, in other words 20 tier 1 items and resources or 10 tier 2 items or 5 tier 3 items or 1 tier 4 item. they would be kept safe until they are needed or restocked at which time you would initialize a "supply drop" by setting down a beacon and selecting a new option of "resupply" or it can even say "Initialize supply drop". Either that or it could land on a landing pad kind of like the starting pack. I was just thinking having it be a beacon because it would be kind of similar to a smoke grenade or flare and it isn't too expensive to make, plus it would be a pain trying to haul a new shelter to a whole new planet or even a long distance on the same planet without a big enough rover. Anyway it would be cool if the Devs would add a way to trade bytes for items, hopefully both ways, using the trading platform and also using a new NPC trader. it would be great if they could add both but it would be understandable if they at least add 1 or the other, because these 20k bytes are (more than) kind of getting annoying just sitting around with no purpose, collecting.
  14. +1 "Astroneer is set during the 25th century's Intergalactic Age of Discovery..." Quote found on So this game takes place in the 2600's and yet bytes are a type of currency used to unlock blueprints and what not, but why can't they be used to purchase material goods, kind of like today's Bitcoin (and other crypto-currency) , which has been mentioned multiple times throughout these posts. I would really love to see a way to trade for resources using my extra bytes that will just sit there (possibly gaining) for the rest of my game-play, being annoying and useless. I think that there should be a "USB" that can attach to your blueprint research thing that can allow you to wire a certain amount of bytes to a flash-drive from there, the flash drive can be put on the trading station and emptied of it's contents to the rocket the player can then take the flash drive again (emptied of it's contents) and fill it up even more, the flash drive should be researched in the back pack tab of the blueprint research but have different maximum amounts it can hold the smallest 2,500 bytes, then 5,000, and finally 10,000. 10,000 being the largest amount. they should be made of resources like compound, plastic, and copper respectively. The materials you can get should be any resource the game has, including gases, refined materials, compound materials, raw materials, soil, etc. No final products though i.e. batteries, tethers, rover, etc., at least not unless they are more expensive and/or you have the blueprint researched already, which ever more people prefer. The less common/the more materials the more expensive. So tethers (1 compound) would be less expensive than a single rover seat (2 compound) Compound would be less expensive than iron, and 2 compound would be less than 1 rover seat. laterite (aluminum material, at least I'm pretty sure) would be less expensive than refined aluminum. Iron would cost less than steel. Gases would be somewhere in the middle and be priced by how many planets it is found on, for example hydrogen would be less expensive rather than sulfur, because there are more planets with hydrogen rather than with sulfur. Soil would the cheapest thing you can get for probably like 100 bytes or so and the most expensive being probably 20,000 - 30,000 bytes. Also having the blueprint for a certain module (chemistry station, smelter, rover, etc.) would lower the price by 10% - 25%. So if the original price to get an RTG was 20,000 bytes to trade for, now it would only be 15,000 - 18,000 bytes. What do all of you think? Too much? Not enough? Have any improvements to this idea? Don't worry about hurting my feelings, criticism is only one of the paths to learning.
  15. I replied to a post explaining what I look for in a "map"/"gps" and a possible idea for how the "map" can work a few weeks back, here's the link:
  16. +1 I would also like to add a suggestion as well It would be nice if SES could also make it so then if a machine and accompanying storage(s) are all full and you are storing materials on the machine but switch the input to something that does not require the material(s) you were storing, that instead of falling and clipping through the machine (and therefore making you move the machine to retrieve the materials), that the machines would instead have realistic physics and make the resources fall to the side of the machine/platform instead of straight through "into" the machine. Either that or at least have the materials find an empty slot on your back pack or base. Do you get what I mean?
  17. @SES_joe Thank you for always (at least) trying to keep us up to date on patch notes and everything else that you do. I know that it may not be an easy answer, but my question to you is, do you possibly know when the next update/patch may come out and what it may improve and/or add to the game? I understand if it may not be an exact date that you (may) give me, but at least will it be sometime soon, like maybe within the next two weeks or so? I know that SES is trying their best with the resources that they got, but I am just (almost) always so excited for a new update and cannot wait at all. Also thank you for your consideration into this manner.
  18. +1 @Observable boi I like the idea that you have presented, it's a great idea. I only have a few questions and comments though. How would the resources be located by this "resource scanner" would it be portable via large rover or other means of transportation? Would it set almost like a beacon marker at the closest deposit or would it glow once you have gotten into range of the resource(s)? If it is where once you have gotten into range it would glow, what would be the distance that it can "see" the resources? Close? Medium? Far? Also could there be a version where it can be attached to your backpack, possibly made from something like 1 Astronium or nanocarbon alloy? Would it be consumable if it is on your backpack? also would you need to find a certain resource first and then have it "research" it destroying the sample but unlocking the possibility to locate it using the machine?
  19. Sure I'll repost this, sorry this was my first post on the forums. My first idea was having something kind of like the I.S.S (international space station) added to the game so then players can dock and refuel their ships if they are planning on hopping between planets without returning to base to refuel, but instead it would be called a docking station. The basic idea is this: The docking station (D.S.) would allow players to stop at the station and refuel without having to return "home" therefore allowing more planet hopping to take place. The D.S. would also serve other purposes and that is storage of resources (mainly between planets) as well as another place for research to take place. The D.S. would be a later game item basic idea is: cost: 10,000 bytes recipe:1 titanium alloy, 1 steel , 1 lithium, and 1 Nanocarbon alloy Specialties: expandable with more pieces that you print (allowing more storage) and allows shipping between planets. Requirements: Large printer, chemistry station, atmospheric condenser, space ship, fuel (either hydrazine or solid fuel thruster) It would be in a large box kind of like the large rover and would attach to the space ship, when you enter space, you'd have the choice to deploy the ship close to a planet. My other idea was to have automated rovers that would mine materials at a "slow" rate for a certain amount of time until you have to build another. By a slow rate I mean probably 1-5 materials an hour depending on what it is sent out to mine for, the more common ones being more per hour. The rovers would then unload the materials onto an automatic Space ship kind of like the trading post in which up to two medium storage platforms can be attached allowing up to 16 materials to be brought up to the D.S. for storage. In space, each material should have a storage place of it's own on the ship, after researching the plans for the "containers" to store them in. basic idea of the automated rovers: Cost: 7,000 bytes Recipe: 1 Titanium alloy, 1 Aluminum alloy, and 1 Steel (for just the base) Specialties: collects resources (and soil) for the player even when on another planet, auto loads materials onto an automated ship to be transported to the D.S. Requirements: Medium printer, chemistry station, atmospheric condenser, Medium drill, Medium storage. It would be in a medium box, and can be programmed to mine a specified material. There would be a new "screen" on your shelter telling you which ones are active and not, what they are mining, and time remaining before a new one needs to be made You could also active and deactivate them remotely, once deactivated, the count down until "destruction" will pause until reactivated Work life should be around 4-6 hours real time ( use them wisely or have more materials available ) After they are no longer working, they will turn into scrap that you can shred in a big shredder for 1.75 scraps any materials it collected and the drill will survive and a beacon will show where it broke down, the beacon can show through everything (terrain, clouds, etc). Basic idea of the automated space ship: Cost: 4,000 bytes Recipe: 2 Titanium alloy, 1 Lithium, and 1 aluminum Specialties: none really, except it can store 2 medium storage platforms or a 4 slot item that will be loaded with materials automatically most likely by a robotic arm Requirements: large printer, chemistry station, and atmospheric condenser (maybe hydrazine thruster or it can be like the trading post) after it's full it will automatically take off and unload it's cargo at the D.S. then return back to your base, on a predetermined launch pad. Basic idea of the (potential) robotic arm: Cost: 1,500 bytes Recipe: 1 Copper, and 1 compound Specialties: 2 slot item, moves items to an empty slot on your base, and will try to group similar items together. Requirements: none (except a platform it can fit on) It will free up different slots on different machines so that your base keeps running (as long as you have enough power) An example of how the robotic arm would be used is if you wanted to continue to get Helium for example, even when you are on Sylva or Desolo, you can still gain it without having to travel all the way to Atrox, probably never finding your base because of the cloud cover, forgeting why you went there, and then travel all the way back to where you needed it and having probably having a maximum of 5 waiting for you back on Atrox, even though you didn't land. I personally find this a pain when this happens and having something like this in the game will greatly reduce the possibility of something like this occurring. My final idea though was to have a way to gain mostly composite and rarer materials without hunting or making them, but obviously not making it too easy to gain (access to) them. The idea was to have the D.S. have a way of grabbing onto asteroids and other small celestial bodies (which can be added in game sometime before or after these, possibly). The asteroids and small celestial bodies would then be drilled into at a rate of 2 bodies or less per one and a half hours, but can be sped up by adding more power to the station and upgrading the drill strength. They would yield usually Hematite/iron, steel, titanium, lithium, graphite, graphene, hydrazine, ammonium, and possibly even astronium, if it still exists (I haven't encountered any yet and I am just basing this suggestion of ideas off of my experiences). Lithium, Hydrazine, graphene, steel, and possibly astronium should be hard to find but not too hard for Hydrazine, graphene, and steel. The drill should just be the ones that you can make already, the bigger ones of course or be able to use two smaller ones for 3/4 the power of the bigger one. Also if the asteroids/ small celestial bodies get added to the game before this (possible) addition, they should be able to crash into any planet at anytime, at least a small distance from the player's major bases (bases with a shelter or 10 or more platforms). They should be able to be researched for 1,000 or so bytes or broke open to reveal a material that was mentioned already or possibly a raw material like laterite, wolframite, graphite, etc. Anyway, hope this helps the confusion a little bit @Igoooor, like I said, I am new at this forums stuff and found that people like more of this kind of format better, also I'm sorry that it took this long to respond, I am currently in high school and wrote this during my spring break and haven't had time since then to get on the forums. Anyway thank you and stay cool
  20. The Touch of Grey Gamer and Abram Jablonski I would have to agree that the current marking system can use a major revamp, it seems that I can lose the beacons easily on one planet, but I move to another planet and it's almost as if it just appeared out of nowhere on the planet I just left. that seems kind of backwards. The beacons should be: Visible on only the planet you are on (except from space in your shuttle) Easy to find (even through mountains and clouds) be able to be toggled on and off remotely visually appealing customize-able unique (to the game and player) fitting into the time period be able to be seen even underground (either the player or beacon is underground) accessed easily and early on in the game I was thinking of having a 3-D hologram that is portable but doesn't take up space on your backpack, I was thinking of it being kind of based off of the Destiny ghost in how it can be accessed by even beginners and it would "appear out of nowhere" when the correct button was pressed of course. It would be a giant sphere that would be in front of you that you can manipulate and spin around that would show you your location and the location of your beacons with little icons projecting from the sphere. When you lay down a beacon, it would give you the chance to name it and change the color (and possibly the image) of the icon on the hologram. The name would show up only after you click the little icon on the hologram though. Certain options would come up as well, you could choose to disable the beacon on the real planet (not the hologram), set a a way point (in which something like zorbsie's compass would appear at your feet with the direction of the beacon as well as a marker on the real world kind of like what we have right now for beacons), or you can re-enable the beacon but not set a way point but instead just have the marker on the world again kind of like what we have right now for beacons. The beacons should be able to be seen through the terrain and clouds as well. That's what I would think of at least if it is meant to please people, unlike the current version of the beacons.
  21. I absolutely love Astroneer, overall amazing game, though it would be nice to have a few things added to the game. One thing I would like to see added to the game is a docking station in space, kind of like the real life I.S.S. where you can dock and refuel your space ship as well as being able to be used for other things like a research station that can possibly be used to gather bytes and/or rarer and or composite resources from asteroids but at a slower rate i.e. diamonds, lithium, graphene, hydrazine, titanium. this should be able to be unlocked after gaining 10,000 bytes or so that way it isn't too easy to gain access to. I would also like to see a system where you can send out automated rovers and such that will mine a specified material for you and bring it to a certain location where it can be dropped off, that way you can gain access to materials that are found on different planets. I absolutely love the planet Sylva, but it is practically impossible to find wolframite and hematite on the planet, this will keep me happy as I wouldn't have to go to Desolo or another planet which I do not enjoy as much as Sylva. The automated rovers can drop off the materials to an automated shuttle that will bring it the space docking station. The space station will store up to about 20 minimum of each material with the more common ones having more space to be stored. You could then "order" some materials to be taken from your space stash and then dropped to the planet you are wanting it to be delivered to. This should be separately unlocked with bytes, so the automated rovers are one thing to research the automated space ship is another, the docking station in space should be another. The landing pad should have another variant for this reason only as well or you could have the same type of system used for the starting setup drop where you press a button after selecting what and how much of a certain material you want and then it'll drop as like a supply drop. The rovers and shuttle should only collect around 3 or 4 materials an hour and should have a specified life until another has to be made again in which you will get a warning on a new screen on your shelter of which ones are active and what ones are not as well as what they are collecting. The atmospheric condenser should also be able to be used on different planets and should have optional automation (i.g. an automated arm that will start the machine as well as transporting the resource canisters) as well that allows the gases to be transported up to the station after a certain amount is present on the shuttle. I feel that the player will be more likely to travel to other planets and (if the idea is accepted and put into action) set up a supply station in space that will enhance their Astroneer experience. The station should be expandable so more sections can be added to increase the amount of resources and space for research available. The parts shouldn't be cheap and easy to get though, the space station should be something like 1 silicone, 1 steel, 1 titanium, 1 lithium, and 2 nanocarbon alloy per capsule. Along with that the automated rover should be like 1 steel, 1 rubber, and 1 titanium for just the base and then it would need a drill and storage along with a tank for soil. The automated shuttle that brings the materials to the station should be something like 1 lithium, 1 diamond, and 3 tungsten carbide. the automated arm for the atmospheric condenser should be something like 1 quartz, 1 graphite, and 2 plastic, this one should be a little less difficult rather than the rest to get as this will be more for something like automation but it will only serve 1 purpose and that is to transfer the gasses to either an automated shuttle or automated rover that will then transfer the gasses to the automated shuttle. I believe that these would be of great use to all of those astroneers out there to help aid in their pursuit of a great time instead of having to travel to a planet that is out of their way just to collect a few resources and then return to their home base. Also, the materials will be their ore forms when they are dropped into the planet that the astroneer requested, I am not sure of all of the ore names so if you have any questions I would be glad to answer as soon as I can. I have been thinking of this for a while, I am sorry if this is long or not that great of an idea, I would just love to see this in astroneer, as I am sure many people would. Thank you and keep exploring.