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  1. Not entirely true. Yes, it is used as thruster's fuel, but one canister is enough for quite a number of travels. In the chem-lab it is used only for graphene. And I don't entirely understand what hydrazine has to do with the graphene, there is no real-life basis for this, so it could be easily replaced with, basically, anything else. Especially since there's a bug... So hydrazine being just "ultimate fuel" would be logical. The problem with nuclear on the other hand, is to depict it properly. If it will be "like coal, only more powerful" that wouldn't be very interesting. If it will be the whole cycle: enrichment-containment-recycling, it would be too complicated. We already have ritegs for the "complicated hi-end energy source". So between medium generator and riteg we have not that much maneuver space gameplay-wise.
  2. It always fills me with joy to see how people want to see nuclear power plant in every building game possible. Like it is still considered the most advanced and effective way to get the power, despite all this ecofreak bigotry. Still, I don't think such thing is appropriate for the astroneer. We can have a bigger power plant though. We have a small one running on organic, and a medium one running on coal. I would say that the large one should run on hydrazine. We already have it in game, and it is the most advanced fuel used for everything else.
  3. Morse

    World regenaration bug in multiplayer

    This is a long-standing well-known bug which was happening long before the wanderer update
  4. You can use a non-full hydrazine canister to produce graphene just as if it was full.
  5. Morse

    Terrain desync in multiplayer

    No. This is not the issue of saves or voxel caches. We tried reinstalling the game, clearing caches, exchanging savefiles, everything. The host always has the correct world, the client always has a desync. There is a "dedicated server" update in the roadmap. Hopefully, this will be fixed there.
  6. Right now you can install a drill right in the front of your large rover. I can see three problems with how it is implemented now: The drill is not in the middle. This is a mostly aesthetic problem, but it has a small gameplay implication: it is not obvious that a not-centered drill will produce a perfectly centered tunnel. The drill can be adjusted up and down, but there is no visual indication for that except for small separate UI. It would be nice if the drill itself physically turned up and down. The other thing that I most commonly place on front are headlights. And if I place them together with the drill they get turned on and off together, which is always frustrating. I have to put two lights one on and one off, so that at least one light was always on. My proposal is to add a special front drill adapter. It will be placed on a 4-pin platform (like the one large rover has on each side), and provide a 2-pin mounting point in front. This adapter will be able to rotate the drill up and down and give a feedback of the drill position. Since 4-pin to 2-pin is not a really good bargain, it should also provide other mount points. I would suggest a 2-pin mount on top for the driver's seat and some number of 1-pin attachments facing front for headlights. It would be nice if those 1-pin attachments remained unaffected by the context key, this way you'll be able to turn drill on or off without switching the light.
  7. Morse

    Terrain desync in multiplayer

    This is an autosave feature. There is a discussion thread to make it optional somewhere else on the forum.
  8. Morse

    Arc Furnace

    As with any other idea, it's always good to divide the suggestion in two parts: lore and gameplay. First, lore: how this idea looks from the point of view of the in-game world? The furnace that we have is already electric, with no explanation on how exactly does it work. Maybe it's already an arc smelter, who knows. And even if it's not, it would be quite strange to have two smelters, of which one has a defined heating mechanism, and the other is just "a smelter". Also, why would an arc smelter produce more metal? Higher temperatures may result in higher quality product, but not quantity. If anything, there would be less of it, as higher quality means less impurity and less mass overall. So this makes no sense from the in-game perspective As for gameplay, you suggest a smelter that consumes graphite and outputs more metal, and also borrows some functions from the chemlab. That would be a strange decision. Graphite is already very useful and not that easy to find, so it's not like we need to find new uses for it. And mixing smelter with chemlab is at the very least confusing. Right now it's simple: you want to get something basic - go to smelter, want to get something advanced - go to chemlab. The new smelter will break this system, this would be bad for gameplay.
  9. The last section of the telescopic support extends to the right, instead of to the front. Looks like somebody accidentally swapped X and Y coordinates
  10. Morse

    Terrain desync in multiplayer

    Issue still there with the latest steam version. Random bits of terrain pop out here and there the closer you get to the planet center, and the world-generated tunnel passages between underground layers are deathtraps for MP clients: they tend to fill themselves with terrain randomly. I see that you listed the bug in your roadmap (, so at least you confirm it. But still, it's just a suggestion that maybe the bug that makes planet cores inaccessible for MP clients should take precedence over new features.
  11. When you get into the shuttle, it would be helpful to be able to just pick the landing pad from the list, and go directly there. Otherwise, you take off, go to the planet, tediously wait until your landing spot appears, try to remember which exactly is the one you need (if you didn't put a habitat or a beacon). Just picking from the list would be so much easier. Naturally, we must be able to give landing pads names for that. "Go to argon condenser", 10 seconds, and you're there. Much easier than what we have now.
  12. Morse

    Cave crawler

    500 years or not, it'll never change that the wheeled transport is the most energy-efficient one for travelling the surface. Also, by "fitting" I meant stylistically. Large "retro" spacesuits, clean plastic surfaces, vibrant colors. All this looks like a retro-future from the 60s (think Star Trek TOS). That's why I think large rovers and spider-crawlers would feel better in game than some antigrav hoverbikes or space jets from the "modern future".
  13. Confirm: I also had this problem. Luckily, the rover was nearby, so I unstuck by entering the rover.
  14. Version: 1.0.13, latest steam version. Both host and client did a "validate local files" Software: Win10 with latest updates for both host and client. Hardware: AMD Ryzen 2nd gen + AMD Vega for host, Intel i5 + Nvidia Pascal for client. After several save-load iterations, the client stopped seeing some of the tunnels underground. Even the ones that were made by world gen. After the client tried to dig the tunnels manually back, they regrew in the client world in a matter of seconds, while in host world, everything remained dug up.