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  1. I'm at the point of opening the first core of the first planet, and ... the user interface on the vehicle mining drill is SO laughably terrible and difficult to control, especially for underground mining, that I want to take my keyboard and beat my monitor into a pile of scrap. No first person driver seat view, the game saves when I don't want it to, there is only one game save slot... I've already violated the EULA multiple times by figuring out ways to hack it so I can quit without saving (posted it here, even), or by overriding their one-save-game-file policy (posted that, too).
  2. Okay, well, I decided I wanted to poke around inside the game assets to see if I could figure out how to obtain console access. Step 1: MAKE A COPY of the game program folder and put it somewhere else, ZIP it, whatever. All of the following will get borked when Steam finds that an update is available. The game assets are here: \Steam\SteamApps\common\ASTRONEER\Astro\Content\Paks\Astro-WindowsNoEditor.pak , This needs to be extracted, basically decompressed, but it is a weird file format custom to Unreal Engine 4. There is no common everyday decompression tool for this. Hav
  3. Heh, I'm not sure how much I should actually say about what I'm doing. No forum moderator has yelled at me yet, or locked this thread. Possibly the details of how the game works under the hood are intended to stay somewhat confidential. But it also seems pretty clear the game developers do not read these forums at all except to collect user complaints, and these forums might as well just not exist as far as directly communicating with the developers is concerned. So it may be okay to talk about this openly? I don't know. I'm flirting with the topic, but also trying to not sudd
  4. I have researched all the things in the parts catalog. And yet I can continue researching and collecting bytes for some reason. Is there any value in continuing to collect and research at this point?
  5. Well, no console access yet, but getting further along playing around in the game's egg salad. Let's try setting this to True and run the game. .... yep, that works. And if we set "DisplayExperimentalWatermark" to be true... Some of these physics engine settings can be fun to play with, too. You don't need fly if you can shoot off the ground just by jumping. MaxSpeed= 1200000000 Or a negative drag coefficient, or a negative MinSpeed. "Why can't I stand still? Why won't my hands stop shaking?" ... there are drugs for that.
  6. It is doubtful that anyone posting here knows what is going on under the hood with the game. Only one of the actual game programmers would know, and it sounds like they don't read or respond on these forums much. This forum seems to be more user-to-user than user-to-Systemera-employee. So, I am speaking as non-staff, as someone with about 35 years of computer use and some knowledge of game design and programming. If you are running this on Windows.. This game does not run well if you have not rebooted recently. It does not handle memory fragmentation well. It does not handle lo
  7. When I click on the savegame, the website is displaying an error message. Did you remove the file or is it supposed to be there? Possibly this website itself is having a problem.. Also, good work finding the save location, anyway.
  8. Unrelated, but interesting. Why is this disabled? WHY? If this is set to 1, save files may be duplicated from the game menu. If set to 0, the option will be hidden completely. Astro.Menu.AllowSaveFileDuplication Hmm.... Console commands were used which are disallowed in netplay. You must restart the game to create a match. Activating outro cinematic via cheat Can't find section 'CheatScript.%s' in DefaultGame.ini CheatManagerBindComponentDelegates EnableCheats You feel ethereal TotalPhysical God mode God Mode off bCheatFl
  9. If you go through the effort of dragging a "junk item" machine platform over to your factory, you may discover that it is not in fact completely useless. They usually have one functional power port, and although they don't have a cable, they accept a cable connection to them. And they accept working hardware on top that functions normally. If you were really stuck for building up a base on a deserted planet, you could get along okay with gathering these and tying them together with constructed platforms. So how exactly is this somewhat useful item considered just "scrap that is to bi
  10. Whelp I've owned the game for about a week, and I'm getting bored with it. Time to figure out how to get access to the Unreal Engine 4 debug/cheat console and some of these fun hidden key bindings... , ActionMappings=(ActionName="QuickSelectModifier",Key=LeftShift,bShift=False,bCtrl=False,bAlt=False,bCmd=False) ActionMappings=(ActionName="InteractModifier",Key=LeftAlt,bShift=False,bCtrl=False,bAlt=False,bCmd=False) ActionMappings=(ActionName="FOVDown",Key=PageDown,bShift=False,bCtrl=False,bAlt=False,bCmd=False) ActionMappings=(ActionName="FOVUp",Key=PageUp,bShift=False,
  11. I just arrived on Atrox with the tier 2 rocket, brought along a soil processor, medium platform B, a medium wind turbine, medium solar panel, oxygenator, a mini battery, small generator, and a spare solid rocket. After playing a few hours.... I find that I'm not having much trouble at all getting the factory core going. I have no clue what the game's planet description means by no resources. That's why I brought the soil processor, so I could get tethers for exploring. But there is plenty of natural resin, composite material, and organics, and lots of scrap. I've had to process far
  12. Hey I was told that I can create my own theories and stories for this blank page game with no backstory. You're harshing on my dark and depressing vibe. Also due to the fact that the player's face cannot be seen, and that they can be just simply respawned out of nowhere from the "shelter" it seems very likely that the ambulatory bipedal critter is actually some sort of replicant, synthoid, or cyborg. As in the movie Avatar, the player is in fact permanently cocooned inside the Shelter structure with a brain-mind interface, and sends out robot avatars of themselves to explore. The mobil
  13. I'm not sure, but the game seems to be somewhat unhappy with this. At least it doesn't outright crash.
  14. Did some unexpected weird bug occur? Perhaps you accidentally fell down a really deep hole and died? Maybe you lost some really hard to obtain resources that you don't want to remake again? Normally there is nothing you can do, you HAVE to accept your fate and start over, as there is no option to Quit Without Saving. And because Astroneer does not allow you to have more than one save file, there is no way to just exit the game normally and load a previous save file. (Which you can do on practically EVERY OTHER GAME. (Why only one save file? (This is such derp on the developer's part.
  15. There needs to be a Thumbs Up option on posts. SynaGl0w I agree with everything you wrote. The save mechanics of this game are extremely dumb.