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  1. Summary: 1.0.13 - Steam - Atrox terrain not generating properly Description: Terrain on Atrox on some saves seem to generate wildly, creating porous caverns that dip down a hundred meters into toughness 3 rock, leaving floating chunks everywhere. the terrain is completely unnavagable by foot or rover. while it looks kind of cool, its extremely irritating and problematic for gameplay. I'm certain this is a bug in the terrain generation algorithm that may need to be fixed. also, this is NOT a graphical glitch, this terrain is exactly how it appears. note, the highest point of the
  2. This is something I've been hearing basically EVERY player complain about; the lack of viable navigation tools. i propose a few different tiers of navigation tools to help with this,along with some basic tweaks to make these systems make sense. -for once, beacons would not be visible from orbit by default unless the shuttles range is boosted by one of these kind of nav modules. -secondly, beacons should be made line of sight exclusively (to the symbol, not the beacon its self) with a reduced range. -thirdly, fireworks should have a very large render distance so they can be used as fl
  3. Hey all! so, one of the things that most annoys me with Astroneer, is how some resources become utterly useless end game, while others become extremely vital. more so, power consumption of higher tier structures doesn't quite scale making upgrading power infrastructures not as vital. the result is that it's very easy to skip ahead to the end game, and once you get there you're left with a plethora of resources you don't need and ones you need desperately. in the end you're just grinding for more resources to make more RTGs and that's just about it. A fun solution to this would be to change
  4. i CAN get the materials again, but have you any idea how many hours that would take? and how many more materials id have to waste in rocket fuel and crafting? ironically the RTGs were the smallest loss. i just really didnt want to have to have to manufacture a truck load of graphite again in order to make that shuttle, then mine a bunch more copper to make the rovers again (base supply is currently out). the direction of entry doesn't really matter, the problem is just the annoyance of hours of wasted time from two glitches in a row that should have been impossible. sure i can grind and
  5. so, recently my game just encountered a very severe serries of bugs that cost me a lot of resources and time. Two rovers, diamond drills, rtgs, some helium, a large shuttle, some thrusters and more got lost. fist as i approached the gateway engine on atrox i got kicked from my pilot seat, then it flew off my rover though the map. as i cant launch my shuttle (packaged) i couldn't escape. with no accessible compound i had nothing i could do to make another pilot seat so i died and re-spawned to mount a rescue attempt. second attempt: half way through the SAME BUG happened but this time my only
  6. Hi there, i found out rather by accident, that when you have a winch connected to any rover, then link the winch back to any part of the same rover it creates physics bug and your rover starts to spin and tumble away, eventually spazzing so hard it flies off into space. I've only had this bug with rovers, and I've had it happen multiple times (always by misclicking with the winch) on a side note, it'd be really nice if the devs would add a function so pressing "f" while holding the winch would disconnect it...would prevent a lot of this in the first place. would also be really nice if t