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  1. I did make two work lights while I was on Desolo. However, I attached them to the tractor rather than the base itself. I do have extenders running from my "power station" up on the rim of one of the craters to my base, but those I added when I first arrived on Desolo a couple of weeks ago. I haven't added any more recently, though I did reposition them yesterday so they would line up better (everything was still OK when I saved and closed the game out yesterday). I have two medium batteries on a Medium Platform A. However, like the extenders, they've been there for a couple of weeks now.
  2. Summary: 1.0.13 - Steam - Frozen/Stuck Planets Description: Planets on save file that I've logged numerous hours on are now stuck in place; not moving along their orbits nor spinning. As a result, there's no longer a day/night cycle when standing on a planet. If I stand on a planet absolutely still and not interact with anything, the planets, stars and sun in the sky will appear to try to start moving again, but very slowly and not smoothly (i.e. stutter/skip along). It's only on this particular save file that I've been working on since 1.0 was released that the issue has occurred. If
  3. Can confirm this is not an isolated issue. It just occurred to me as well. I don't have the I just ran into the same bug today while I was on Vesania. I only have one base on Sylva, though. I do have three smaller bases scattered throughout other planets; one on Desolo, one on Novus and one on Vesania. When I loaded the save file on Sylva, everything was fine. Went to Desolo to do some housekeeping on my base (because I have crippling OCD), everything was OK. Took off and headed over to Novus (which was fun to try to click on because of how fast Desolo spins), still nothing o