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  1. After I leave the game after saving and quitting, I see that the game is still running in the background. I had to use the task manager to shut it off. Please fix this asap. The steam app shows it off but it isn't. Task manager don't lie.
  2. Man of Steel

    This just clicked in my brain

    Why doesn't out little guy eat or drink in this game? It would be cumbersome to always need to make sure it is done but, the guy is a mortal organic being and needs sustenance to exist. After all this is a survival game in space. Maybe add an organic processor of some sort to his back pack (or somewhere) to make nutrients out of the organic materials on each planet. Just to deepen the immersion. Any thoughts?
  3. Man of Steel

    Please somebody help with this question

    I'm going to assume no one knows the answer. Also going to assume that the event does not work in creative mode.
  4. I cant get the holiday rocket to appear and get nothing but event inactive, no matter what I have tried. What needs to be and what not. Can the event be done in Creative mode or a game started normal then changed to creative mode, etc etc. Thank you.
  5. Is it possible or will it be possible to delete a shelter, the big one I mean. I want to move it or make another in a different place but don't want two in the same general vicinity. If it isn't, will it be possible one day?( I tried to pack it and blow it up but it didn't go away.) Thank you.
  6. Man of Steel

    Automated processing

    If I activate, say the atmospheric processor, and then leave the planet. Will the machine still keep making what I set it to make? I hope so, that would be great. Joe
  7. Man of Steel

    The new paver

    great but which button? That is really what I needed to know. I tried many. Thanks for reply.
  8. Man of Steel

    The new paver

    I dont know if it exists but it would be nice if System Era could make a tutorial video or something to show how to use their new stuff. I haven't found anything like that as of yet. The more complex stuff I mean, like the paver. thanks Joe W
  9. Man of Steel

    The new paver

    How do you use this new tool? What do I need to have equipped or?....
  10. Man of Steel

    About the new in game camera.

    Does the images we take save on our PC or is it just an aesthetic thing for the moment? Thanks
  11. Man of Steel

    ASTROpack: advanced backpack!

    Please more storage on the backpack, all these ideas are good. So lets have at least 6 more slots.
  12. Man of Steel

    I have an idea for the use of Astronium.

    yes, the astronium on each individual planet or moon will have that planets signature making what you said possible. Also, crafting a specific planetary scanner should only be done in the backpack when on that planet or moon. Of course you can take it where ever you go but it wont work on another planet. Also the time it takes for the researcher to research a piece of astronium is way to long. I hope that System Era will cut the research time on it by 3/4 of its original time.
  13. To get to the depth where the Astronium is we(players) would already have amassed a lot of research points and probably have a nice self sustaining homestead. (I made it to the Astronium on 2 planets thus far.)(I have massive homesteads on all planets) I was hoping that maybe you could make a resource locator. So, us advanced players who are at end game, can pinpoint the locations on some sort of holographic interface. The interface would be transparent(adjustable) so it can be seen through. The resource selected would blip on the hologram in the direction of its location. Not sure how to determine distances since I don't know the scale in game of what a foot would be. We could use the Astronium to make the device. Along with whatever you deem appropriate. I think you get the idea. Hoping it makes it to the game. It would be a great asset I think.
  14. Man of Steel

    several bugs found, bad ones.

    Now the soil centrifuge wont turn over the resource. It is inverted and will not turn right side up. This just happened. Also this happened. Power is going to centrifuge but it does not show it on the panel. Also the chamber is full
  15. Man of Steel

    several bugs found, bad ones.

    Now the soil centrifuge wont turn over the resource. It is inverted and will not turn right side up. This just happened.