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  1. Still no dot mouse cursor in v1.1.2.0
  2. The game seems to be thrashing my harddrive when moving around in the world. The game stutters a lot on my HGST 8TB Harddrive even with all graphical settings to low. It becomes less noticeable when I move the game files to my Samsung 960 Evo SSD. v1.0.13 Steam Windows 10 64bit Intel i7-5930k Geforce 980ti EVGA 16GB Ram HGST 7TB Samsung 960 Evo SSD 512GB (Boot, System Drive)
  3. DFlame

    Semi-auto Tether

    Holding tether button or toggled mode would automatically drop a tether when leaving max range of the currently attached tether.
  4. The small dot mouse cursor is Not visible when HDR is enabled in Windows 10 display settings. v1.0.13 Fullscreen-Windowed 4k Resolution Windows 10 64bit Geforce 980ti EVGA 16GB Ram