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  1. The alignment mod is a nightmare if you are trying to do a large area. You can start at the same place over and over and get different results. And the shelter, you have to make sure THAT'S going on flat ground or its "true flat" will be slanted.
  2. They will appear in current saves... "This shouldn't impact your current bases much, except you might have to dig up a few new plants or harvestables! Be sure to check out these planet's new underground layers!"
  3. Really doubt it, since it NEVER occurred before the update last week. Would have been consistent since release if it was a system specs issue.
  4. I have had multiple game crashes every day since this patch went live. I'd had ZERO issues prior to this. I've seen streamers having the same issue. Hoping it's recified quickly, as it's a major pain to repeat the same functions over and over.