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  1. These are some pretty nice ideas, I especially like the plains planets. The two things that I will say though is that maybe non-spherical planets should have some backstory (gravity usually makes objects spherical, but these aliens can bend gravity). The other thing is that the super planet would sort of make the game less enjoyable, even for busy people. It would take away a lot of the fun of construction, and also planetary activation. These are just my opinions however. Also thank you for linking my profile.
  2. New planets are a popular idea for Astroneer, but continuously adding more and more planets can become a pain, as more gateways and cores would need to be added, and all of the core activating would become too time-consuming and redundant. A possible way to fix this is not directly adding planets to the main solar system, but rather, add planets to other solar systems, perhaps with different core activation requirements or completely new system altogether, to keep the player interested. How to get to a new solar system To keep players from speeding ahead from the main storyline, ther
  3. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of the game is it's items. Although Astroneer has quite a few different types of items, I came up with some ideas on more resources, and what they would be like... So, here is list: Uranium/Thorium: Both of these metals are known for them being a common source of radioactivity. Perhaps these can be converted to an efficient source of energy with a large generator (basically any other generator, but takes up 4 slots & uses these). If they were in the game, I'd say that the ores for these elements should probably be found deep within Artox.