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  1. This has been happening from 1.0 to 1.0.13 (latest version). Every single save I've created has been destroyed for seemingly random reasons. I'm doing something, and suddenly my computer freezes, and the game crashes upon trying to reload my savegame. The second time this happened (don't remember details from first time) I was in a cave exploring when suddenly the game got a little laggy, and then froze. Today was the third time. I was on Glacio and I had gotten some titanite, got in my small shuttle and went for Sylva to rejoin my friends (I was hosting.) The second I click on Sylva, the game freezes with my computer. Next thing I know the game crashes upon loading my solar system. I'm tired of losing my 16+ hour savegames. Intel Core i5 2nd generation NVidia Geforce GTX 1060 An OEM not-for-resale hard drive from my last computer that wasn't custom built HyperX 4gb ram (1 stick, theres another identical stick that I installed wrong that I'm too lazy to fix) Any help would be appreciated.