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    End Game Crash

    I too just activated the satellite and am experiencing the same thing only my game crashes during the cutscene every time
  2. stone pirt

    XBOX ONE Not Saving

    I too suffer from this games constant save fails. For me it doesn't matter how I save, be it at my base in a shuttle or in a Rover it's about a 50-50 chance that the game might crash. I have lost hours and hours of gameplay. There have been times where it feels like I spend more time loading it back up after a crash than I actually do playing it. I've also had up to probably 10 crashes in an hour. I am currently trying to activate my last gate to finish the game but it keeps crashing when I reach a certain depth. This game is one of my favorite of all times it's a shame it has do many issues. Still I'd like to thank everyone at system era for all that they do and for this game in general. Keep up the good work