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  1. I agree completely. This is been an issue since the very first release. It IS something they can fix but obviously (based on their lack of comment or action) have no attention of addressing let alone correcting.
  2. It seems to me that, along with all the other high tech things we can craft from various resources, we should be able to craft some type of Navigation Satellites and GPS equipment. This single or multi slot piece of equipment could then be mounted on the backpack or vehicle to provide a top center HUD that would display a compass bar with direction/distance markers for Shelters & Beacons placed about the planet. It could also display the players altitude (above or below ground). This would also require a short user editable text display to be added to each Shelter/Beacon placed that would also be displayed by the system. As for an inconvenience ... the backpack device when activated could use allot of power (like the Portable Oxygenator) requiring it to only be activated when necessary. The GPS would also require the crafting & launching of a certain number of Navigation Satellites (crafted separately) before it would work.
  3. Another quarter rolls by ... still nothing from the devs
  4. Another solution would be to clamp the camera to some offset of the driver seat. Allow for zooming and panning right/left but disallow the camera from moving closer/farther from the player (e.g. camera is clamped to the vehicle not the player).
  5. The Trello site in it's current state is basically useless as it is devoid of any useful information. That is, the vast majority of cards therein do not have any descriptions at all. You post cards like 'Automated Items' and 'Storms and Weather Events' ... yeah great but what exactly do they entail? What in general is being planned? Not looking for any low level details therein but a least a paragraph or two outlining the general ideas would be nice. Here is an example ... https://trello.com/b/PezNHPuF/dayz-airdrop-upgraded And yes we know that projected release dates are a hard thing to nail down ... but we are NOT asking for dates. We are asking for a little bit more information on each card letting us know what is potentially in the works concerning it. Just following up on this as there hasn't been any changes that I can see.
  6. Gina, this is good news but what about when NOT drive/drilling or driving at all? The follow camera will still get clipped behind vehicles when NOT drilling and this is even tougher when you have a large vehicle carrying large items. First person is needed for ALLOT of other non vehicle related conditions as well (e.g. player tunneling without any vehicle)! As a moderator I realize you don't have any more say/control over development than I do ... so I'm not mad at you in the slightest ... just posting a rebuttal for the developers to see and (hopefully) take in into consideration.
  7. I agree ... It may be a feature requested elsewhere, or perhaps I've missed a new feature, but perhaps it's time for a 'First Person' view (or some other HUD centered/oriented view) when using the Paver/Drill combination. Certainly, we need more control keys and/or a better mouse interface! Also, what about adding a slot for an 'Alignment Mod'? Nothing beats a paver that can create a level paved area or road with ease without having to fight with an oversensitive control interface.
  8. Because of the never ending terrain smoothing problems ... that begin you use the alignment tool to flatten an area smooth as a pane of glass only to come back later and find it's a total uneven bumpy mess again (I get the issue, floating point round-offs). Perhaps you should add to the crafting menu 'Base Foundations'. These squares (or potentially any geodesic tileable shape) could be laid down over and slightly above the ground, they would of course snap together perfectly (perhaps even tangentially align to the surface). Additional craftable sections could be added such as walls, windows, doorways, ramps, stairs, ceilings/roofs, etc. ... perhaps even a special engineering platform where oxygen & power generation could be connected eliminating the need for tethering and electrical connections (e.g. if a platform is on a foundation that is powered then that platform is powered as well as anything placed on it). This would allow players to build a "Proper" base area vs. continually having to re-flatten the terrain under their bases and fight with the terrain tool.
  9. Ok ... how long is this going to go unanswered? When are the Developers going to chime in and/or correct this very irritation issue? This is game a development 101 issue that should be easy to resolve! https://forums.unrealengine.com/development-discussion/blueprint-visual-scripting/21604-how-do-i-lock-the-mouse-to-the-viewport https://www.reddit.com/r/unrealengine/comments/4s2bqp/how_do_you_deal_with_the_lock_mouse_to_viewport/ I guess it's more important to add new craftable stuff and pretty up the scenery than correct basic usability issues.
  10. This has been a problem FOR A LONG TIME!!! Seems like it gets worse the longer you play and the more multi-players are connected.
  11. Actually No! As I said, these are industry wide GUI design standards. Most desktop apps deal with focus (e.g. what window is active) and movement is allowed because of multi-tasking (switching to and/or copying & pasting between applications). That is, we want to allow the user to freely move from one application window to another (and I don't mean moving from one monitor to another here). In other types of applications, like games, where the mouse is a controlling feature this is undesirable. This is why the code to implement these types of mouse/cursor constraints is built into operating systems so developers can restrict the mouse/cursor to the active window whenever needed. Now look at the industry ... Every other game I've ever played on a computer implements this type of mouse/cursor constraint so why is it not so for Astroneer? Is this by design or is it just an oversight (bug)? If 'By Design' then they are going against the grain and need to rethink as it is a very irritating bug to say the least.
  12. I have noticed a couple things that need to be addressed as follows If you place a single seat on the front bumper of a rover (see link below) the controls are reversed (forward/backward at least) and it doesn't matter how it is rotated (facing up, down , right or left). Perhaps an option would be to create alternate seat models specifically designed for the fronts of vehicles. These could be of a more reclined nature (something like a formula 1 racing car). The player would have to build them -or- the seat could automatically switch to the second design when attached to the front (I prefer the former). >>> Click here for screen shot of rover with seat on the front <<< When you exit a seat like this, you are hurled into the air, fall, and then take damage. I suspect that this is because the game is looking foe a spawn point relative to the seat's orientation vs. the current surroundings. When you place a three person seat on a medium rover you cannot take it OFF and move it to another vehicle. As with most everything else in this game, it would be nice if, ALL modular components could be removed and moves about.
  13. Well, this is all part of basic 'Graphical User Interfaces' (GUI) design 101 ... and mouse cursors are not restricted to pop-up menus only. That is, when you are Terra forming you get an icon superimposed/projected on the ground telling where and what the tool is doing, as well as all of the in game popup control panels that can be opened by pointing at them ... those are GUI too. Developers need to take these types of issues into account (e.g. new technology and more robust end user equipment) as 'High-End' players aren't the only ones with 'High-End' systems these days ... especially now that monitors are cheaper and inexpensive graphics cards come with allot more memory and multi-monitor capability.
  14. Please add a function that will reduce the volume level of a storm based on how far under ground the player is. That is, when I'm in a cave two layers down with no exits to the surface anywhere near the player the sound can become DEAFENING when a storm passes directly overhead. As the player is insulated by a thick layer of ground, dirt, rock, whatever the sound from said storm should be substantially muted and or/ non existent. I know this is a game but ... you might want to consider that, it there isn't any air (e.g. we are in a vaccum) or the atmosphere is of some other makeup (e.g. Helium) then the transfer of sounds an they way they would be heard would either be impossible or dramatically different (e.g. Helium) as the sound waves travel at different rated in different mediums which could be accomplished by adjusting the pitch based on planet type and altitude. Would be a nice technical touch to the game sounds IMHO ThanX - DJ
  15. Is there a master list of bugs and/or new feature requests managed by the developers that players can review and check on the status of correction/development??? Inquiring minds want to know ... instead of us just posting and reposing the same bugs over and over