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  1. I’m on Xbox one, username iTz Romzy. Add me.
  2. I hope so too. It’s not something we can change ourselves. Come on SesJoe give me an acknowledgment please.
  3. Hey SesJoe, on xbox under saved games the is a file called reserved space data, I think it acts as a cache for the game. It’s only 256mb, can we try increasing this to see if it helps with game performance. It’s obvious that once the world contains lots of platforms/resources mined by the player performance starts to drop. I wonder if this might also help the host in multiplayer. Worth a look?
  4. Thanks Joe, cheers for the consistent updates!! joe we really need some form of maps for navigation around planets. It would be just awesome if we could build a satellite that activates GPS. perhaps once launched a gps mod is also required to be carried. It’s difficult to locate your home base and other players when exploring. Also conveyor belts/ jet packs/ medium storage optimisation to only take pre selected resources so when you’re smelting multiples it organises for you. Just a few ideas i thought I’d share as a huge fan!