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    Only 1 saved game. HELP

    I think you have to copy the save file to another folder. When you want to restore an old backup you need to delete the newer save file and then copy the backup file back to the save folder. You cannot simply copy the older one back and overwrite the newer one because the filename is dynamic in a format as "savename$date-time", which is updated everytime the game saves. I did like this and have no issue rolling back to old save data. I did no test keeping multiple save files but according to your description, the game may choose to only keep the newest save data and delete any older ones.


    There is no in-game funtion to have multiple save file currently. You can only backup your save file manually. The save file is located under C:\Users\(Your user name)\AppData (hidden)\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames. The filename format is "savename$date-time". Everytime you quit the game or enter a space shuttle/rover seat/shelter the game updates that save file. You can copy that file to another folder as backups. When you would like to restore, quit the game first, delete the newly generated savefile, then copy the backup file back to the original folder. Now re-enter the game and you can load your backup save data. Hope that helps.