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  1. Going further, saving and reloading the game resumes the production and if left to finish, removing the finish product out of the slot and saving/exiting after fixes the lab. But it still leaves any incomplete materials lying around.
  2. Recently I've encountered a bug in which the Chemistry Lab stops working. I think it was triggered by exiting/saving the game while having a Tungsten Carbide still in the process of production. Reloading the game, the Tungsten Carbide stops from completing, I could access the Chemistry Lab but after I run another process/production, the Chemistry Lab runs its animation but it never process anything. The materials is stuck onto the lab, the Chemistry Lab UI is stuck to processing. Moving the lab leaves an uninteractable unfinished Tungsten Carbide (see attached). Further into the game, the lab seems to be continuing its processing a bit, but gets stuck at a point and left the materials at a partly used state (see attached). This bug basically makes the lab completely unusable anymore.