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  1. Can someone verify that after you put a scanner in a satellite that the satellite stays? I've been all over the location I discovered it (for hours and hours) and I cannot find this thing.
  2. Yes, I found it in the area where the terrain looks destroyed. Lots of holes. I've been looking for it again from the skies but still no luck.
  3. Actually, I just had an idea... If I invited someone else to my game could they use the probe scanner to find it? I will try this and report back.
  4. I got lost, built a small shuttle from scratch, flew back to my main base. After landing, while dragging my shuttle across the terrain a few hundred yards, one of those evil plants shot a missile at me and blew up my shuttle... After running back to my base I started tethering out from there in the direction I knew I went to find the probe the first time. Hours and hours later I have found nothing. I did build some terrain to get there the first time. I can't even find that! lol. I feel like I'm writing a diary for the person that finds me on Atrox one day. Just curled up in the fetal position mumbling to myself about sputnik.
  5. I found the last satellite on Atrox and used the probe scanner on it. I then left the area. I watched the animation then left. I did not interact with it. I cannot for the life of my find that tiny probe again on this low-light, green dust-filled planet. This may be the worst planet for this to happen. I wish that the probe scanner would allow me to find it again (since it's not really completed). As it is now, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. I gave up after about 4 straight hours of looking for it and getting totally lost 2 times. The thought of having to start a new game just to do this one thing is giving me anxiety.
  6. Devs: This is a great game. I believe you are doing your ideas justice and working to see them through. Gamers: You should stand behind companies like this. They are a breath of fresh air in the modern gaming landscape. Calling for people to step down is insane.