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  1. Really?! When? This will reduce RAM usage or GPU will be less demanding?
  2. Okay... But why the game work fine on my PS4 (using Linux)? There is only 6gb RAM usable (2gb are allocated for the GPU)...
  3. Hi. Firstly, I would like to congratulate you for the release of the game in final version! I have been playing Astroneer since 2016, and I have to say that your game brought me a fun that I had not felt for a long time, so thanks! Since the last update, I have not managed to launch the game without crashing my PC. The game crash when I'am on the screen "loading solar system", before main menu. Then, I need to force reboot cause I can't do anything else... I'm not sure if it's because update, maybe I've launched it once or twice before... My specs: CPU AMD Athlon X4 860k GP