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  1. I still get this bug on every game that I play … after HOURS of game play. Has anyone received any kind of response from SystemEra(q) I have sent in several save games, but I have never received any type of acknowledgment that they even looked at them. MK
  2. This now happens on every game. I have managed to get some RTGs to power my formerly solar supplied batteries ... an in game workaround of sorts. I have emailed the devs repeatedly ... even made a short video to show them the issue. To date I have yet to receive any type of acknowledgment that they have even received it ... much less confirmation that it’s made the “bug list”. I am close to giving up. I saw a YouTube video of a sci-fi factory building game ... guess I will abandon this game and let that one take over my life for a while. Not sure what else to do but move on. Unfortunate.
  3. It is very frustrating … it's actually good news that its appearing on your X-box … that means it's not a computer configuration problem. Actually … it appearing on your X-BOX is huge. That makes it for sure a software (game) issue. Do you play lots of hours on one savegame? Do you have lots of flat base areas?
  4. THANK YOU for the information. None of that tracks with what (specifically) I was doing to cause the bug. I am back to thinking that its something about the length of play. I am totally perplexed. I guess I am going to start a new game and just play like I normally do and see if I experience the bug again. During the livestream the other night (I think Joe said it) the comment was made that SE has a tool which analyzes savegame files. Perhaps when they get these files a scan will reveal something that all of us with this bug are doing. If you don't mind … leave a post if y
  5. When you guys have time … please email your savegame file to support@systemera.net, during the live stream last week Joe asked that folks send savegame files to that email address when you run across issues. He did not speak to this bug specifically, but he did suggest that emailing the savegame to them is very helpful for some of the other bugs they mentioned. I ask that you please put 'Day/Night Cycle Freeze Bug' in the subject line. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to post.
  6. I too am OCD … LOL. My current OCD is manifesting it's self as an obsession to figure out what's causing it. I simply can't get past this bug. I have been trying everything I can to narrow down the issue. I have run into the bug without ever acquiring Titanite … or traveling to Vasania … so it's not that (or not that alone anyway) … So let me ask me ask you about the Desolo trip. When you were working on your base … did you do a combination of the following: *add work lights as 'fixed' base work lights *add extenders *add a battery to a medium platform When you w
  7. Ok ... two things in common. I too have multiple bases on Silva. I have one large base and three smaller bases. But together it’s at least two large flat bases. So perhaps it’s large player made flat areas and/or lots of hours on a single save game
  8. I hate you are having the same issue - but I am so glad I am not alone. I have a strange question for you: Have you used the Terrain Analyzer Mod a lot? I am trying to figure out what I do that makes the cycle stop. I first noticed the problem in 1.0 when I created a “road” through the mountains and went back and “coloreded” it black. The first phase of the road caused no issues... but it was after the second phase ... and the coloring of the road ... that I noticed the bug. Back in early access I was obsessed with “true flat” and I would design these huge true flat bases. I though
  9. Well - kinda. The cycle seems to move some. Mostly when in a rover. So you would have sunlight for a time ... but eventually you would be back in night again. Strange bug.
  10. So if I drive around the planet or keep moving ... It appears to move some ... so I can drive around in circles until the sun comes back up. I can’t believe nobody is having this issue.
  11. I am playing through Steam on a Windows 10 platform. After playing for many hours the Day/Night Cyle will freeze. All rotation of the planets just stops. Restarting does no good. I ran into this all the time in early access but just started over. Always after hours of play on one savegame. Like most bugs, I figured it had been reported and would be fixed along the way. But I can’t find any mention of it. I have been playing this current save for hours and hours and all of the sudden I ran out of battery power and realized it had been dark for quite a while. Hopped in the shutt