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  1. Wow that's a jerk move. Yea that could use some attention too. In hind-sight that is a good solution. Unfortunately, I popped one open in the middle of my base, just to see what it might be useful for. I wound up moving the whole base.
  2. Nerf the Shelter-Trolls. And the magic ground they create beneath themselves. Make shelters Packable, explodable, winchable, attach at rocket motor... something. Surely this has already been suggested.
  3. I think it's great that the simulation is recreating a real-world problem. Jackknifing is part of trailer life. The solution is either don't use trailers or take a second to plan out your reverse. Best to start with only one trailer. It took a bit but I got used to reversing with 3 large rovers. Another quick trick is to disconnect your main rover then reconnect it to the opposite side of the trailers. That's a quick 180 without having to turn the trailers.
  4. Wait, they're broken? I drill all the time. Hyperloop is my preferred mode of transportation. So much easier than traveling over the surface.
  5. 1) The suggested button control sounds unpleasant. Arrow keys would work for pitch and roll. 3 & 4) Love the tiered drill features. I agree. Any vehicle change needs to address the camera. First person may be the answer. I have a hard time imagining any sort of chase cam working while drilling.
  6. I would settle for being able to send vehicles through gates.
  7. In my current play-through gateways on Atrox are what looks like 100s of meters (~5 times the height of the gateway) off the ground. Half of it is in the clouds.
  8. While drilling with a rover it is difficult to both see where you are going and control the drill angle. I would like a... First person camera option while in a Rover. I know the whole inventory system of the game was designed for 3rd person and it works brilliantly. However, that system is not available while driving and a better camera perspective is needed. While in first person, the camera's vertical movement could control the pitch of the drill, and a side to side camera movement could control the roll. This change would allow use to control both pitch and camber while also being able to see. Alternatively, I would like to be able to control the drill pitch and roll with arrow keys instead of the camera.