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  1. you must be online to get the achievement. Produce another scanner, go to probe, you have to find it on your own since scanner will not work, try again. If you are online, you'll get the achievement.
  2. I found the probe. it was really hard. Put the camera on the scene, attacheds the scanner, took a photo of the astroneer in the wormhole, got the achievements. it is resolved. However, probe scanners should work if achievement is not completed. Dear System Era, fyi
  3. Alrite. I'll search more. Thank you for the help mate. Very appreciate that.
  4. Hi. I am not offline. For the probe, I did not see any holographic astroneer when I installed scanner. I can try again since I restarted the game for several times but I cannot find the probe. Scanner does not work. Any ideas for finding the probe in Athrox ? Thanks.
  5. I double checked the game, but there is no offline warning. Steam and Client are up to date. I just could not get the last achievement and now probe scanner cannot find any probes since I found them all.
  6. Hi, Of course. Sorry for the missing information. Windows 10, Single player mode.
  7. Wanderer update achievement is bugged. I found all the probes. My final probe was in Athrox but nothing happened when I completed it. Scanner was gone, probe was activated, no skins unlocked. Now I cannot find the probe. I traveled to all planets and searched for missing ones but it seems I completed all. How can we resolve this bug? Is there a possible work around for this one? Thank you.
  8. So, I tried new patch The save which I completed the game where I placed a huge amount of tethers and all cores unlocked, I receive 52 FPS. I was 23 before the patch. It's not enough, yet, at least I can play the game now. In my new game, which I did not unlock any planet core and gateway, I receive 62 FPS. It was 55 before the patch. All my settings are set to Ultra and Standart clouds. There is still much to do but at least this can give us some time to enjoy the game. Thank you.
  9. Hi, I'm having this issue for a long time and did not see any other topics. I'm playing the game with High settings and standart cloud settings. When I start a new game I'm having 90 FPS. If I start my saved game which I completed the game, I'm having 35-40 FPS. It does not change FPS rate if I switch to Low settings. Starting a new game still starts above 90 FPS. Same planet, same place, same base. I have 1050 Ti, Ryzen 7 2700x and 8GB of ram. Is this a normal behavior? I mean I can play many other games in very high settings above 60 FPS. This keeps me from pla