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  1. nunya

    Two CTDs within 15 minutes.

    Vsync! Not sure why it was turned off, but it was. By the 4th time, i noticed my framerate was 221 while the screen was frozen.
  2. 1. Logitech G900/MS sidewinder X4 2. Steam 3a. Less than 10 minutes into new game, found one of those ship parts/pod things you can walk into, as I turned around while inside, the camera got screwy and the screen showed a barrage of colors and froze the game. Crashed back to desktop. 3b. After 3a, started another new game, less than 5 minutes into this one, i hit left click + shift, (fat fingers), game froze then crashed. Report emailed.
  3. nunya

    How To Get Rich

    ...this is a weird thread.
  4. nunya

    Transport methods: planes

    ...they are giving us a jet pack.
  5. nunya

    procedurally generated quests

    They could be in the form of messages or tablets with information from previous explorers, lore-wise. Regardless, this would be a HUGE undertaking....
  6. nunya


    Actually, it does. I found this out last night. For instance, if you have a bunch of hematite on the same platform, just putting 1 hematite on the smelter starts the auto process, at least it did for me. Never knew it did this.
  7. nunya


    In another one of your " i want this for me" threads, you stated you have over a 1000 hours, now it's 500? You need to chill, they are still working on it, things are going to change, I'm sure more will be added down the road and I"m confident the teleports are not one and done. Maybe there is an add on later, maybe it will be like subnautica where they have a whole other game that ties into the first. You do a lot of whiny bantering. So something isn't on the posted road map, big deal, does that automatically mean, something is or isn't? I'm sure that have an in-office road map we will never see that has way more info. The game is still new, relax, go play Peggle!
  8. nunya

    Frozen in steam update

    For what it's worth, I have had no issues with Steam version. However, I have not loaded a save game from 1.0, when 1.1 came along I started a new game. i6700K, 32G, 1080, gigabyte gamer5, Win10
  9. nunya

    Please do something about Sliding.

    Before I go into any tunnel, if this is where you are having the most difficulty, I ALWAYS make my own ramp, ALWAYS. I actually like the slide option as is and have become used to it, making ramps from the surface to the core. I find it fun, first of all, and I also place turn outs in every cave system to access those areas. I've fallen numerous times, but that was before I started making my own ramps religiously.
  10. So we all use the standard forward/back to control the speed, however, I've found this to be a bit troublesome. I made a decent tunnel to a cave system, problem was that it was too steep to properly control, even the tractor. It picked up too much speed. While the slopes are great for long slides to the center of a planet or moon, they are nearly impossible for a vehicle descent without losing control. My thought would be to have a gear setting of sorts, maybe utilizing the +/- keys for instance. This way, I can put the tractor into what would be 1st or 2nd gear for a more controlled descent, or maybe using the number keys for whatever gear, while still having the option for standard W/S movement. This would also help greatly when using the vehicle to drill; giving more control. This would also need to affect any trailers so they don't get away from the drive vehicle.