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  1. As per the title. Any way to fix this OR revert back to the previous version? Too many hours were spent to just throw it away and if that's the case, there really is no point in continue playing if I'm forced to start over with every new update.
  2. Use for astronium is good, however, i've never used a single portal for anything...ever. So im guessing i would never use a portal requiring astronium to make. Portable RTG: trying to think how i would even need that. Any kind of conveyance is fun though, and useful.
  3. that would be an interesting mechanic, many games do something similar.
  4. Possibly add a vehicle attachment that allows you drive around and draw in any loose, mined resources laying around that you weren't able to collect the first go around. I know my planets/moons have stuff laying around every where, I'm just not inclined to jump out and grab it, especially since im still experiencing the save delay.
  5. Would like to one day see a socket added to the paver that we could then attach a color sample to so when you pave it can paint it at the same time. May make it easier to see roads with contrasting colors.
  6. i could see this as being fun to build, and having some utility to it, but a ton more development to pull it off.
  7. The current use of tunneling vehicles work, for the most part, fine. I think they still need to tweak vehicles + towed on declines as it still gets squirrelly to control. I don't think you can get a 'perfect' tunnel using polygons and once I make a tunnel with the large drill/paver, it's pretty good for anything else. The overhead can get in the way at times, but it's not a game breaker. So the real question is, why would i want to use this idea versus what is already in the game? If you want to sell it, sell the entire idea that you have. Just for the sake of a perfect tunnel i
  8. still not understanding the true flat fetish going on. i can make things flat enough. you're dealing with working on a ball, what do you expect.
  9. i guess you are implying that the organic automatically drop onto the generator, in your example. Would need a crap ton of small generators, but okay, i'd probably mess with that.
  10. they have more than enough things to get right before considering a dive into VR
  11. Do you not play this game? Do you not see how the smelter automatically grabs resources? How is that "automation isn't a huge thing"?
  12. Seems like you need to reload and do it over. Though the elephant-in-the-room, why would you NOT unlock the 6th gate before the core to begin with, since you already did 5?