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    can only play 15-20 min on pc

    oh! I forgot to ask, does your machine have multiple drives? cause I may have my drives spit out on my settings. anyways, windows aggregates it total drive percentage. like if you have 2 drives and one is maxed out, windows will report that 50% of the drives are used, or 33% if you have 3, ect. I have 3, so that stat was a bit deceiving. anyways, hope your fix works!
  2. Skidd23

    can only play 15-20 min on pc

    I had this issue as well. In my case, it turns out its at least somewhat related to how windows handles the power and data transmission settings to the SSD (or in this case NvME?) which forces the drivers to reset, which causes a pagefile reset, which with a large amount of RAM (anything over 8 GB) caused my game to crash. So I can at least give you some good pointers to look into. 1) Open up windows task manager. (Right click on the task bar, and from the menu, click Task Manager) If you don't see any program details other then just names, click the more details down arrow. 2.) Click on the performance tab, and click on the disk that has the game installed. This will show the percentage that a disk is being accessed. It should show up as a moving graph in the right pane. 3.) Start the game, and play as usual. When/if the game crashes, check to see if the disk usage is maxed out. I don't want to go into many more details, but this is a good place to start! If your drive is maxed out, there are a few different resources I can point you at, but they are very technical. I just hope that maybe we can help the devs get this bug fixed! ( I dont know if its with just this game, or if its a windows thing.... could be either, or both! )
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    I had that issue on PC when I had tons of teathers out. I started picking them up from old exploration areas( like the surface and tunnels that aren't my main one) and the "freezing" went away. I think its connected to how the game calculates what the tethers are connected to.
  4. Skidd23

    Steam Windows 10: Crash to desktop

    Oh man, I have been having this happen to me way too many times. you AREN'T alone, I couldn't really play the game because of those crashes. big difference is my crashes look like they are caused by bad RAM.... I didn't have anything overclocked other then what passes for XMP on an AMD system on my RAM. thought I'd share just because I was "pulling my hair out" looking for answers, and a little camaraderie goes a long way :)