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  1. I know but I did not have any success with that. The surface I created seemed fine until I wanted to extend it. The surface did not contain the same height as the first. Maybe I used it wrong.
  2. I suggested an interactive hologram before: Do you have something in mind for interactive navigation?
  3. I wanted to expand this post with The idea of Zorbsie. A marker on the compass to your home on the planet is an awesome idea. If you could have the option "Show on compass" or "set as home" in the settings of beacons seems to me as something that can be implemented. I included the image that Zorbsie added in his/her post.
  4. I like this idea. +1 I would also like to see a mod that allows you to flatten an aria that follows the curvature of the planet. Keeping the height you started on in relation to the center of the planet.
  5. I like the idea but this sounds just like a rover with storage modules but on a track. When the storage is full you would still have to go up with the train and place everything in the large storage just like a normal rover.
  6. Sounds like the creative mode that they are working on for a future update.
  7. Yes exactly. You can make a non-Beacon sign if you would turn off the marker and use the symbols for an arrow. Man, the more I think about this, the more I want to see this as a feature in game.
  8. More customization on beacons sounds like a solid plan to me. When you placed a beacon you can open a menu by pressing F with the options to: Change color of marker and text Toggle beacon marker on/off Add text Add symbols (resources, structures, objects, (compass) directions) Here is how is imagine this: Text and symbols can be shown as a little hologram floating above the beacon. When you want to use the beacon for directions you could point an arrow to a specific direction with maybe some custom text above the arrow. You can also choose to show a slowly turning hologram of a resource for marking storage or marking a deposit. The marker stays as it is now, if toggled on it is visible from a larger distance. The marker cannot be changed to text or other symbols.
  9. I would rely like to be able to place signs with (custom) texts and/or symbols. It would help with laying out routes and labeling storage locations for example.