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  1. Yeah i think they need to rethink the recycling aspect of the game as here IRL you can practically recycle anything
  2. We need alternative power storage that should make a difference. right now its like getting 8 9 volt batteries and they are out doing a car battery we should have different ways to store and distribute the power to the bases we are currently able to build and power management would be useful with having different storage for power that actually be worth it
  3. well the large battery could only fit on the extra large platform
  4. I was thinking we should have different sized batteries each being 4 times the capacity then the previous Versions
  5. yeah because in a MP me and a group is doing we have 4 starter ships that we ended up digging a deep hole and throwing them in and then covering it up instead. If we could of just repacked them and then shred them would of been better but instead we end up have a trash dump spot. For the time being we just throw all the stuff we made early game into the hole and covering them back up each time. if we could just recycle them with the shredder it would be better then when we on on the main base seeing a bunch of rocket icons where the dump spot it and get rid of that would be muc
  6. It would be nice to be able to shred all the old platforms once we unlock the larger ones as well as be able to shred tractors and the trailers