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    Planet Talk

    Is there a way to start on a planet other than sylva?
  2. G-Forces

    Other use for Portable Oxygenator

    Does it still use a lot of power when attached to vehicle?
  3. G-Forces

    How to find old-timer Astroneers.

    I only ever got hit. once by flying debris in a storm and certainly never got killed by it.
  4. G-Forces

    How to find old-timer Astroneers.

    Why this?
  5. No not really, it can be fun to try to get a specific large number of bytes, although there isn't really much of a point to do this.
  6. G-Forces


    How were the storms dangerous? I wouldn't have hated the storms so much if they weren't so frequent.
  7. G-Forces


    Actually hydrogen does to although not as much as hydrazine, not sure about nitrogen though
  8. G-Forces

    Planet activation

    Sorry, completly missed that link.
  9. G-Forces


    They did nothing other than annoy players by slowing them down
  10. G-Forces

    Planet activation

    Could you give me a list?
  11. G-Forces

    Planet activation

    Is what resources are required to unlock each planet always the same or is it random?
  12. G-Forces

    Game freezes on load

    It still freezes when loading after i reboot my computer
  13. G-Forces

    Game freezes on load

    When i try to load astroneer the game freezes half-way through loading approx approximately nine out of twenty times and i have to reboot my computer, anyone have any idea what's causing this?