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  1. Had a friend to join me and it kicked me everytime he joined i am on a xbox 1
  2. Was playing and got kicked off when trying to get in the big rover got kicked 4 or 5 time in the last 2 days was leveling land and just now got kicked
  3. I have played on my xbox the problem is when you start getting into the cores and engines of the game I been playing now for 5 days without useing the cores or the engines and its went great.But when I started getting the engines and core it kickme off after about 3 to 4 cors I open
  4. Its seem like the more Planets I get the more crashes and loseing my work just starting out works good but when I get 3 or more is where the problem starts
  5. Iwill work awhile then I come back ans try to save by getting in the ship it starts me all over where it last saves
  6. Some kind of rope to go up and down holes or hills
  7. The game will start me where it last saves when I try to get in the ship or Rovers once in a great while it will save but not very often I am playing on a Xbox its doing this every time i try to get in and sometime it will just do it while I am walk down into a cave
  8. Everytime I place a tether it pauses for about 30 sec to 1 min
  9. when i get to get in my rover or ship it kicks me off the game and has to start all over again