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  1. Azrhei

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    The tether network is greatly improved. I even get faster load times on my save. I still get objects falling through terrain if I alter the terrain nodes they touch (when flattening, this is a big deal, I've watched my entire base fall before). Also, I consistently crash no matter what I'm doing at about 60-90 minutes of play time. I'm saving often so that's not a huge issue for me, but still. I have noticed with the collision problem, it doesn't seem to do it as quickly, now I have more time to grab an item before it sinks. As a possible help. I loaded my game on another computer with a very new gpu, all the places where I had collision issues and things falling, as well as other places where I've altered terrain had single terrain nodes scattered so it looks like walking through a mine fields of diamonds. When taking the save back to older computer (saving on the newer one first) those nodes remain and collision seems to be better???
  2. Azrhei

    Patch 1.0.7 - February 21, 2019

    The collision problem is bad. I lose base modules if I use terrain tool anywhere near them. I lose resources. And lately every time I get out of a vehicle and walk away as soon as I look at it it's gone. I've gone looking and never found them. This has happened on nonaltered terrain, flattened terrain and prealtered terrain (not alterered while vehicle on top.) I've also had the sling shot. I feel into a ravine and just as I was cursing I got shot out of ravine, higher in sky and then came back to the ground. However I didnt receive fall damage. Another issue I have is snapping. When placing materials, resources on modules sometimes it just refuses to snap. Player collision seems fixed. I used to just randomly fall through the ground while altering terrain far in front. Now it only happens when altering directly beneath. And happens more rarely than before.