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  1. OMG I remember this game. Yea the two player thing would be just for fun, and give passengers something to do but not really be able to troll too much
  2. I did some searches and couldn't find the solutions I'm suggesting to fix vehicle steering. This information is probably already known and obvious, but I didn't find any solutions on the Trello board other than navigating over rocks. The problem I have is that navigating rough terrain is difficult due to jack-knifing, where the back wheel of the front drive unit is rubbing against the trailer's front wheels behind it and so forth. This is known as jack knifing. Reversing is the worst. The largest vehicle with multiple trailers is the hardest to steer due to this and not fun. The solution: each trailer must also have steering (tiller or hook and ladder vehicle) Game play suggestion: When steering in single player mode, by default trailers rear wheels should also turn up to 45 degrees in the opposite direction as most front attached vehicle (drive unit). Stretch goals: In multiplayer but not necessary, putting a seat on the rear trailer would allow a second player to control the wheel of the rear trailer. Optional: Enable this in research (though honestly, it's just unfun without it).
  3. As a player of Factorio and Oxygen Not Included, I thought for sure that connecting a platform full of storage to a platform with a crafting module would just transfer goods in the same way it automatically transfers to medium storage on it's own platform. I felt like that would have been intuitive, but was sad it didn't work.
  4. This may be obvious but I should add that using medium storage isn't *just* a way to increase the amount of items stored on a platform but also ease of use with smelting and storage. Allow me to explain: I load up my rocket ship with empty medium storage I go to some planet to farm it's unique resource I unload the empty medium storage onto my tractor trailors Farm materials Load full medium storage onto rocket Back at my main base, load full medium storage onto Platform that has a smelting furnace or large storage platform without having to move each raw material
  5. I'm still working through my first play through. I felt really excited to finally find Iron and be able to make additional platforms above Large Platform B. I'd like to provide feedback on each platform I've tried above B: Felt Good: Extra Large Platform B - I was really happy with this one. I love the bleacher style tiers and the fact that the nodes are double linked so I can place medium items on them. This felt good for the cost. Felt Bad: Large Platform C - I was super disappointed to find out that the sides aren't linked double slots, so I can't actually attach medium storage to them to accompany a crafting module. At a cost of 3 iron, it just isn't worth the extra 4 single slots for a total of 20 slots, and minimal space gain when I can spend 7 resin instead and have 16 slots. Suggestions: Each 2 nodes should be linked Increase or reduce each side by 2 nodes to an even number pair (so that you can have a total of 2 or 3 medium items on them - storage, generators, research, etc) Extra Large Platform A - Is this only purpose of this platform so you can place Extra Large Storage on it? I don't see it being useful for crafting modules at all. As, such it just doesn't seem worth the 4 iron plus the high cost of the Extra Large Storage when I can get more easier to access storage with the Extra Large Platform B. It's possible I'm not understanding the use of some of these later game platforms, so I'm open to tips/suggestions as well.
  6. Thanks I unbound Shift and it's "playable" for us again. It's a workaround for now.
  7. Okay so I randomly tried right shift and it works... that's not really usable though.
  8. I'm not sure I understand. What does shift clicking do? I rebound a bunch of keys and tried holding them and clicking and nothing happened. Are you suggesting that shift clicking does something right now, or that shift clicking should quick pick up? Either way, the change should have been moved into an option. If a controller is detected, they should just turn off the option by default.
  9. It's a shame to hear that players with gamepads were negatively affected by this feature and I'm happy to hear that you're improving the game. Did you consider that: * Some players may have just purchased the game since it went 1.0 (like my wife and I) * Some players may have relied on this amazing feature to quickly grab items (like us) * Some players might not want it, and some players might like it (even with a gamepad) Suggestion: Make it an option to turn off, instead of removing a usability feature like this outright. Bonus points: Detect if they're using a gamepad, and turn it off by default if that's the desired behavior.