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  1. What's going on ? Why this is happening in here? I got a bad feeling about this... Maybe someone doing some trolling with few bad technology things or something...I think.
  2. It's already works. But you know, wind turbine is not always running because it's need wind. Astroneer's wind turbines too. Actually in Astroneer, it really exist a 'wind' but it doesn't always blow. So that's why sometimes wind turbine is work but not always.
  3. Oh, you mean, a one vehicle of "Mobile Emergency Operation Center"? Like this? Why you need it?
  4. +1 That's good idea! I want a train too.
  5. Terrain Analyzer is weird. Color is reset to default color(Light grey) when I load saved game. I have set the Terrain Analyzers colors(e.g. dark grey, snow color, green, etc.). But when I close the game and run, load the saved game, all Terrain Analyzers color is changed to default color.
  6. The Automation Arm's Korean translate is incorrect. Look at this. I'm Korean so I know what is problem. The Automation Arm is a Robotic Arm right? Robotic Arm's Korean translate is: 로봇 팔 "팔" is meaning "Arm". So Automation Arm's Korean translate is: 자동화 팔 or 자동 팔 Please fix it. This "Arm" is Robotic Arm. Not a weapon "Arm". ("무장" is translate to "Arm" too. But "무장" is meaning "(Weapon) Armed". So this translate is wrong.)
  7. Same here, sometimes, 1 Tier modules, small debris or Composite/Refine resources falling through ground.
  8. Look at this below. This is my first problem. And my second problem is: The character just walking on the spot frequently with lag. I think this bug seems to reappear because of a more severe lag than before a recent hot-fix update. But the exact reason is that the developers know. Please fix this bug.
  9. I found this bug. Debris just disappeared. But why? [Before] I'm just tried attach package to this because I want know "Can I package this?". Yeah, It can't be packaged. So I went to another planet to make Explosive Powder. But... When I went back and came back... It is just disappeared! WTF Why this is happening? Why the some debris just disappearing when it touched after? That's odd...
  10. Conveyor belt? How about conveyor rails? I think the conveyor rails like make much easy to connect. And the design is neat. (Just thinking about this: Conveyor rail + Tier 1 slot) Just add a straight rail and a curved rail, and when placing and connecting, just unpack the package on the ground and attach the rail modules to each other. In my opinion, the conveyor rail would be a good combination with the robotic arm that will be added to the Automation Update.
  11. Please create a function that allows you to specify multiplayer options for each save. Load Rename Copy Delete Back To Load Rename Multiplayer Option Copy Delete Back Additional options display when Multiplayer Option clicked Allow Not Allow
  12. Hope that you will improve forum security so that can block spam bots with security authentication every time you post a post by introducing reCAPTCHA to the forum.
  13. (Sorry the Korean language...) I don't know where to report this, so I write it here... Anyway, look at this email! They claim that they are System Era. But I think this is just spam mail and this spam mail seems to be impersonating. Most of the content of this spam mail contains advertisements related to illegal casinos pretending to be legal. I don't think the System Era can send me such a spam email.
  14. Please. Because I've just lost one save's game progress when I'm trying to save a game. Why the Astroneer isn't auto saving? It is only auto saving when we a entry to shelter or riding vehicle and rover seat! But why? That's useful but at the same time risky. Saving the game too often to one save file can cause performance degradation. This puts a heavy load on the computer and eventually leads to a game crash. Please, make a manual saving function and change the existing auto saving function.
  15. Let's be honest. I know that it is difficult for a developer to accept everyone's suggestions and ideas. That's why I come up with this idea. How about creating add-on support through Steam Workshop? I think if the developer accepts this offer, they'll have less hard work to do, and gamers who had to wait for the ideas they wanted to be added to the next update no longer have to struggle. Until your ideas are added as official updates, you submit your ideas to the Steam Workshop as an add-on. At first, I recommend creating your own ideas as an add-on, submitting them t
  16. Yeah, we have a Trade Platform and EXO Request Platform. But it is using a space lander, right? So I thinking about "How about using drone?" thing. That's my idea: Here is a this module's features: (The units of power follow the units used in the official wiki.) Delivery Platform is using unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV). This module's is delivery a materials purpose. It can be attached on Tier 3 Platform. There is exist it's own network. This module has powered it's own solar panel and supply power to drone without wired(Wireless powered
  17. Look at this! I found a this bug! Previously, this did not happen! There is a my base near this chamber. Because I want activate a chamber. But I can't do that in this state. In my memory, this didn't happen at least before the latest update(Holiday Update). Since the last update, some strange bugs have occurred. The first is this bug. And secondly, some terrain is transformed at will. (e.g. Cave, Modified terrain by player, etc.) In addition, there are nowadays bugs where the same object is created in the same location every time you update. Like this