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  1. Currently in Astroneer, the character has only one death motion, asphyxiation. (Robot character has 'Head explosion' motion) But sometimes we fall from a high place and die, died from poison gas, thorns, or explosions. Okay, that's brutal. But it's true and more motion is cool, right? (And more reality)
  2. Oh, that function seems to fit better with tablet! Or smart watch whatever who want. But I think is just attach that inspector tools on auto extractor is much better. When we a places extractors on resource node, the inspector panels display that resource icon, deposit and extract unit per minute(or second).
  3. 16 yellow bar on medium RTG. hmm, well that design is... Interesting. :D Let's guess about "what QT stands for?". I guess 'Q' is 'Quad-' I think.
  4. QT-RTG is 1U/s, Start shelter is 2U/s. When we combine two QT-RTG to one new RTG, the power is 2U/s, but what's the name for this new RTG? QT-RTG is have a 4 yellow bar, medium RTG is have a 8 yellow bar. So that new RTG is OT-RTG? Wait a minute, the medium RTG is 4U/s! You know, mobile shelter is 0.5U/s, but yellow bar is two. 2 yellow bar is 0.5U/s, 4 is 1U/s, but 8 is just 4U/s? That's odd...
  5. This idea has already been discussed several times on this forum for a long time. I want trains too. But this idea is probably on hold. I'd love to see this idea added to the road-map, but seeing no news yet, it seems like there's a reason or something else. Your idea looks most similar to Electric Train(Milestone: Monorail Technology) in Satisfactory.
  6. Yeah, I like this idea. It's like a Aperture Science technology from Portal series!
  7. So why single uses? How about reusable unmanned cargo shuttle?
  8. Agree, we need to check power status in real-time. Maybe printable 'power checker module' is a great deal.
  9. Make it a mod? That's great suggestion, but I want to see that on the official update. So many vanilla playing people can use that things.
  10. Looks like a KSP things. But this is Astroneer... Wait. I guess you wanted automatic transportation like a similar Trade Station's unmanned spacecraft, right? It's a good idea for automation resource production.
  11. Agree. we need fix that priorities first. Then add a few transportation including resource transportation. I always wanted to transport resources using drone. But I think if resources can be transported to the planetary, they need to teleporter. (Not a Gateway Chamber.)
  12. Sorry my bad English. I've fixed a grammar in this article. Check this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Otr1LuWak-KobAszbRyEZMgQDj_YXgh6Ai00uMN03iM/edit?usp=sharing
  13. I mean, RTG is still great nuclear power but, I want a new technology of nuclear power generation. The Nuclear Fission Reactor and Nuclear Fusion Reactor. My idea is this: Fission Reactor is using Nuclear Fuel Rod and Coolant. And release a Nuclear Waste. Fusion Reactor is using Deuterium or Tritium. Or both for more efficiency. And release a Helium. Fission Reactor is generating powers to 100 U/s. Fusion Reactor is generating power to 250-500 U/s. (Why not a thousand? Because that's too much and useless.) Nuclear Fuel Rod can be crafted to use Enriched Uranium and Empty Containment Canister. Deuterium and Tritium is can be crafted to use Hydrogen or Water in Chemistry Lab. Coolant is can be crafted to use Water in Freezer. Nitrogen can be crafted to Liquid Nitrogen in Freezer. Of course it can be used to coolant for Fission Reactor for more cooling efficiency. But it is have some risks because the Liquid Nitrogen is extremely cold! Concrete is can be crafted to use Soil, Water and Compound in Chemistry Lab. Water is can be used to craft Hydrogen and Oxygen when using Electrolyzer for more efficiency. If your base is doesn't attached any Oxygenator, this module can provide a Oxygen to your base when the Electrolyzer is activated and produce a Oxygen. And Water is can be gathered in Sylva with using Liquid Extractor. Ice can be gathered in Glacio with using Drill or Drill Mod attached Terrain Tool to digging. Ice can be used to craft Water in Smelter. Water and other liquid can be transported with using Small Canister, Medium Canister and Fluid Pipe. When transport a fluid with using Fluid Pipe, you must attach the Fluid Pump. (Imagine about Satisfactory's fluid transport and production mechanism.) Fluid Pipe is can be connected to Fission Reactor, Fluid Pump, Liquid Extractor, Freezer, Electrolyzer and Medium Canister. Fluid Pump is similar functions Extender. It can extend pipe's length. Nuclear Waste is contained Depleted Uranium. It is totally useless... But maybe can be used to other things? Depleted Uranium can extracted from Nuclear Waste. It is still extremely radioactive but strength. Maybe can be used to... shield or alloy something? Nuclear Waste is can not be shred in any shredder. (Think about it, you don't wanna use the radioactive scrap, don't you?) Uranium, Lead, Plutonium and Radium* can be extracted from Uraninite in Chemistry Lab. Uraninite can be gathered from the Atrox. (Because Atrox does not have any primary and secondary resources, that's weird. It's impossible.) Radium is can be used to craft Radon in Artificial Radioactive Decay Unit. Or it just decayed to Radon in natural. Radon is can be used to craft Lead in Artificial Radioactive Decay Unit. Or it just decayed to Lead in natural. (Let's farming to Lead for the future...) Radium is can be used to craft Hydrogen and Radium Hydroxide with using Water in Chemistry Lab. Uhhh... So how to we processing about Radium Hydroxide? *: Cancelled, not a important. (Unofficial dummy data) Radium and Radon is too complicated so just ignore this two resource. Nuclear Fuel Rod is two different of variations: U-235 and Pu-239. (RTG is using Pu-238.) If Nuclear Fuel Rod shred or exploded, it causes nuclear explosion. (Yeah, let's some fun!) Fission Reactor is release a high radiation. Fusion Reactor is does not release any radiation. Fission Reactor is can be meltdown when your reactor's cooling system is failure. The Fission Reactor's cooling system can be monitoring in reactor's inspector or just using Remote Maintenance Panel for monitoring all connected reactor in far away. When meltdown is getting started, you are too late. It will increasing radiation release rate, then after few seconds it can be nuclear exploded. After exploded, that area becomes extremely radiated for long time. Of course all structures(exclude Gateway Chamber, Gateway Engine and Gateway Portal) near the reactor is destroyed. And you too! Remote Maintenance Panel is can remote maintenance, control and monitoring all modules include reactors. (For example, it can be used to monitoring battery modules capacity.) (The panel is attached the antenna so how it can remote control the other module.) You can monitoring reactor's status with this. You can protect yourself from the hazardous radiation with using Hazmat Protection Equipment and Hazmat Protection Shield. (Why not hazmat suit? Because I really have no idea how to equip actual 'suit' items in-game.) (If you can make actually equip-able 'suit' items, just rename this Hazmat Protection Equipment to Hazmat Suit.) These can be attached in your Backpack. Hazmat Protection Shield is just same functional with Hazmat Protection Equipment, but it is generate a sphere shape shield like a force-field shield in other Sci-Fi games. And can be toggled on/off. Fission Reactor's research cost is 25,000 Byte. Fusion Reactor's research cost is 50,000 Byte. Nuclear Fuel Rod's research cost is 10,000 Byte. Empty Containment Canister's research cost is 2,500 Byte. Electrolyzer's research cost is 8,000 Byte. Freezer's research cost is 5,000 Byte. Liquid Extractor's research cost is 5,000 Byte. Fluid Pipe's research cost is 1,500 Byte. Fluid Pump's research cost is 2,000 Byte. Remote Maintenance Panel's research cost is 5,000 Byte. Hazmat Protection Equipment's research cost is 7,500 Byte. Hazmat Protection Shield's research cost is 12,500 Byte. Fission Reactor's crafting cost is Nanocarbon Alloy, Lead, Concrete and Nuclear Fuel Rod in Large Printer. Fusion Reactor's crafting cost is Nanocarbon Alloy, Lead, Astronium and Hydrogen in Large Printer. Nuclear Fuel Rod's crafting cost is Enriched Uranium and Empty Containment Canister in Small Printer. Empty Containment Canister's crafting cost is Lead in Backpack Printer. Electrolyzer's crafting cost is Aluminium, Copper and Steel in Medium Printer. Freezers crafting cost is Aluminium, Plastic and Compound in Medium Printer. Liquid Extractor's crafting cost is Aluminium Alloy, Glass and Compound in Medium Printer. Fluid Pipe(Bundle)'s crafting cost is Aluminium Alloy in Backpack Printer. Fluid Pump's crafting cost is Aluminium Alloy in Backpack Printer. Remote Maintenance Panel's crafting cost is Glass, Graphite and Diamond in Medium Printer. Hazmat Protection Equipment's crafting cost is Nanocarbon Alloy in Backpack Printer. Hazmat Protection Shield's crafting cost is Nanocarbon Alloy in Backpack Printer. Well, what you think? it is good idea?
  14. Oh yeah, the gravity gun! Great idea! I always want to playing gravity gun in Astroneer like Gordon Freeman from HL2. :D Maybe that's useful for grab a largest debris and delivery to shredder I think.