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  1. KOR_APUcard

    Extra Large Shredder

    +10 That's what I'm thinking about!
  2. KOR_APUcard

    Large Wind Turbine

    But, I really wanted large wind turbine if developers adding some kind of weather system(like a sandstorm, rain, storm, etc.)... This is the information I found on the Astroneer wiki. Solar Array(as known as, Large Solar Panel) is 8.0 power. And RTG is 4.0 power. However, the generator with 8.0 power has only a large solar panel. Yeah, I know, developers will not add weather systems. But if it does, will not Atrox planets be able to use large solar panels, and will not it be the day when large wind turbines become available?
  3. KOR_APUcard

    Large Wind Turbine

    But, Solar power is already have 4-Tier module but Wind power isn't. Isn't it?
  4. KOR_APUcard

    Add water to Sylva

    Hmm, How about waterproof drill(or Waterproof Module for Drills)? Or just using Terrain Tool to block water current.
  5. KOR_APUcard


    You mean, a "Satellite"?
  6. I think developers should fix this error.
  7. Same here. My save files completely corrupted! Did you have renamed save file? It work? I'm not work anymore this method.
  8. Please help me! My save files completely corrupted! It does not can fix anymore. I've tried to fix it. But, It does not working. I did the verification(Steam game verify), but the result was OK. That's a screenshot my currently status.
  9. KOR_APUcard

    Train concept (With 3D model concept)

    Thats good idea. But.. Maximum 3-4? That's not enough. Because it's "train" right? I think 8-16 more is better than 3-4.
  10. KOR_APUcard

    New type of planet

    Mmm, How about adding another solar system?
  11. KOR_APUcard

    Large Wind Turbine

    Oh, I forgot to write a few more. Tier: 3 or 4 Required bytes: Same as 4 Tier Solar Array (5,000 byte) Materials: Similar as 4 Tier Solar Array. But a little different. (1x Copper, 1x Glass, 1x Aluminium Alloy, 1x Graphene) Generate power: Same as 4 Tier Solar Array or much more (8.0U/s or above) Condition: Strong wind(3 Tier) or Very strong wind(4 Tier) Cable plug: 2 or 4 (4 Tier only)
  12. KOR_APUcard

    Large Wind Turbine

    Can you add Large Wind Turbine? Like this: A helical Darrieus wind turbine Or just like this: