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  1. Yeah, that's good idea too. Actually Astronium is buried near the core. So it certainly looks radioactive material. But you know, Astronium is too nearby the core. And the core isn't actually core because the planet's core is already replaced to Gateway Core. Astronium is buried too deep near the core. And currently it's a mysterious material. Which mean, it's rare, unique and still mysterious material. I think the Astronium is fit to Alien Power Generator. However Plutonium is buried near the core too but not too nearby. And it is harmful to us but a familiar material. Which mean, it's rare too but not unique. Hmm, that's weird. But most Plutonium is artificial. Sometimes rarely natural.
  2. You know, In Astroneer, when you print the RTG, you need a Nano-carbon Alloy and Lithium. But in real world RTG is not using Lithium! that's using Plutonium. (More scientific info: Plutonium 238) And I wanted a new power generator. The Fusion Reactor. You know the Astroneer is Sci-Fi genre. But why not add a fusion reactor? Fusion reactor is so VERY fascinating power source! Fusion reactor is using Deuterium or Tritium, this will be more powerful than RTG, It is very excellent energy efficient, and you don't have to worry about the reactor exploding. And the fusion reactor is create helium after reaction. Please add a new elements. Plutonium is must be added on Atrox. (With much deeper in the mantle.) Tritium is can be must combining in Chemistry Lab modules. And finally, add the Fusion Reactor If you can.
  3. KOR_APUcard

    wind turbine farms

    +1 That's what I'm talking about!
  4. KOR_APUcard

    Who like pizza?

    lol, that's awesome! +1
  5. Because, Seat is control-able the rover. So if you attached a lot of seats on the rover, it can confuse the rover control.
  6. My idea is this: Vehicle Shelter Now this is really 'moveable' shelter. I know recently SES added a new shelter it's called "Field Shelter". But it can still be used by only one person at a time. I already came up with this idea before it was added. My idea is that it's much easier to move around and can be used by more than 2~4(or above) people at a time. And it can be attached on Medium Rover and Large Rover. One day I will design a 3D file to explain this idea in more detail... (But not now... Because I'm busy. I already have my another project...) The materials don't have any ideas yet. But the byte can be a rough. Medium Vehicle Shelter Byte: 8,000 or 8,500 Large Vehicle Shelter Byte: 15,000 or above If you have additional suggestions, Please let me know what you think.
  7. KOR_APUcard

    Extra Large Shredder

    +10 That's what I'm thinking about!
  8. KOR_APUcard

    Large Wind Turbine

    But, I really wanted large wind turbine if developers adding some kind of weather system(like a sandstorm, rain, storm, etc.)... This is the information I found on the Astroneer wiki. Solar Array(as known as, Large Solar Panel) is 8.0 power. And RTG is 4.0 power. However, the generator with 8.0 power has only a large solar panel. Yeah, I know, developers will not add weather systems. But if it does, will not Atrox planets be able to use large solar panels, and will not it be the day when large wind turbines become available?
  9. KOR_APUcard

    Large Wind Turbine

    But, Solar power is already have 4-Tier module but Wind power isn't. Isn't it?
  10. KOR_APUcard

    Add water to Sylva

    Hmm, How about waterproof drill(or Waterproof Module for Drills)? Or just using Terrain Tool to block water current.
  11. KOR_APUcard


    You mean, a "Satellite"?
  12. I think developers should fix this error.