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  1. Make it a mod? That's great suggestion, but I want to see that on the official update. So many vanilla playing people can use that things.
  2. Looks like a KSP things. But this is Astroneer... Wait. I guess you wanted automatic transportation like a similar Trade Station's unmanned spacecraft, right? It's a good idea for automation resource production.
  3. Agree. we need fix that priorities first. Then add a few transportation including resource transportation. I always wanted to transport resources using drone. But I think if resources can be transported to the planetary, they need to teleporter. (Not a Gateway Chamber.)
  4. Sorry my bad English. I've fixed a grammar in this article. Check this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Otr1LuWak-KobAszbRyEZMgQDj_YXgh6Ai00uMN03iM/edit?usp=sharing
  5. I mean, RTG is still great nuclear power but, I want a new technology of nuclear power generation. The Nuclear Fission Reactor and Nuclear Fusion Reactor. My idea is this: Fission Reactor is using Nuclear Fuel Rod and Coolant. And release a Nuclear Waste. Fusion Reactor is using Deuterium or Tritium. Or both for more efficiency. And release a Helium. Fission Reactor is generating powers to 100 U/s. Fusion Reactor is generating power to 250-500 U/s. (Why not a thousand? Because that's too much and useless.) Nuclear Fuel Rod can be crafted to use Enriched Uranium an
  6. Oh yeah, the gravity gun! Great idea! I always want to playing gravity gun in Astroneer like Gordon Freeman from HL2. :D Maybe that's useful for grab a largest debris and delivery to shredder I think.
  7. What's going on ? Why this is happening in here? I got a bad feeling about this... Maybe someone doing some trolling with few bad technology things or something...I think.
  8. It's already works. But you know, wind turbine is not always running because it's need wind. Astroneer's wind turbines too. Actually in Astroneer, it really exist a 'wind' but it doesn't always blow. So that's why sometimes wind turbine is work but not always.
  9. Oh, you mean, a one vehicle of "Mobile Emergency Operation Center"? Like this? Why you need it?
  10. +1 That's good idea! I want a train too.
  11. Terrain Analyzer is weird. Color is reset to default color(Light grey) when I load saved game. I have set the Terrain Analyzers colors(e.g. dark grey, snow color, green, etc.). But when I close the game and run, load the saved game, all Terrain Analyzers color is changed to default color.
  12. The Automation Arm's Korean translate is incorrect. Look at this. I'm Korean so I know what is problem. The Automation Arm is a Robotic Arm right? Robotic Arm's Korean translate is: 로봇 팔 "팔" is meaning "Arm". So Automation Arm's Korean translate is: 자동화 팔 or 자동 팔 Please fix it. This "Arm" is Robotic Arm. Not a weapon "Arm". ("무장" is translate to "Arm" too. But "무장" is meaning "(Weapon) Armed". So this translate is wrong.)
  13. Same here, sometimes, 1 Tier modules, small debris or Composite/Refine resources falling through ground.