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  1. I am going to share the post on steam, its the most recent version of the game. I am running on Windows 10 64bit Alienware Aurora R6 1080 GTX i7 7700 machine if this is needed. This is the bug forum on steam and I am not so sure you guys look here or what, but several of us having this issue. I am Dominatus on this thread, and my issue is mostly on Novus. Sorry if this is already reported somewhere on these forums, I did a brief search and didn't notice any previous reports! Thanks System Era! Love your game and love that its came so far since I bought it 2 years ago on Xbox Recently got my steam key since I got a nice new PC to play it on!
  2. Im gonna keep posting this every day till someone can answer it. Where do you get off saying there is an option to delete Synched Data ?
  3. Larkin

    XB1 Delete Saves + Synching???

    I dont have experience with it either, nor do I feel like I was given a choice to save to the cloud or not. Creepy tho who knows what they are storing in there without me knowing
  4. Larkin

    XB1 Delete Saves + Synching???

    Not seeing the delete from everywhere option at all
  5. Larkin

    XB1 Delete Saves + Synching???

    So you are either in a completely different game manager than I am. And the fact that there would be more than on place to manage games and saves is completely redonk on Microsoft's part. Are you using your Xbox or Microsoft Windows 10 to do this. I don't have a PC to delete gamer tag saves if that's even possible
  6. Larkin

    XB1 Delete Saves + Synching???

    Yeah you can, but you didn't read what I said obviously. Once you do what you have suggested, and I have done this, the game upon loading does this thing called Synching with the cloud, whereas all your saves will be downloaded to the console you are playing on regardless of the fact you deleted them.
  7. Larkin

    Power - sense make not...?

    Maybe it's bio/gas powered as I generate it standing still lol
  8. My little backpack automatically can regenerate power but my huge base requires wind/solar? That's a little odd don't you think? Played for almost a week before this just came to me lol!!
  9. How do we delete the saved games on XB1 and prevent them from coming right back when you start the game? I found you can delete them but the synching brings them back as soon as you start the game again. Again this is for Xbox One. NOT windows 10 or steam. Thanks
  10. Well I guess that makes sense. I need to get more hip with the PC world. I switched to consoles because it just seems more affordable, while my laptop was maintaining for its age, I guess it is time to take the incentives and get a better machine... I'm really just trying to hold off till VR gets a little more devs when games like Astroneer and RPG games take the leap to VR.
  11. Larkin

    Geysers have item slots.

    From what I have heard, you can find coal deep underground and use the large generator to produce power, due to game mechanics I wouldn't be surprised you can still use a trade platform underground and even launch a space ship? My curiosity is killing me so I will find out soon enough lol
  12. Larkin

    How can i move my shuttle

    Not possible yet
  13. You back the truck up to the rover and highlight the back connector till it shows it will connect, then you click it.
  14. That's false advertising in my opinion. Maybe the word anywhere needs to be adjusted. Owell I'm not upset, I can still enjoy it on the Xbox One. And besides that play anywhere is Microsoft claim, not our friendly and awesome developers fault. I'll probably buy it again on steam as it is totally worth it.
  15. I deleted all my saves because they were all glitched out. Started the game and it said synching data. All the broken saves are back