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  1. I've been rushing to portable oxygenator, and I was stuck in NanoCarbon Alloy. Placing "Iron"(blood-red square ingot) on Chemistry Lab did not work, so I looked up at the wiki, and it turned out I needed "Steel"(pinkish grey hexagon ingot) instead of "Iron". The problem is, "Steel"(that needs iron, carbon, and argon) is translated in a same word as "Iron" in Korean language: "철". "철" is usually referred to the elemental iron, and the specific mixture of iron and carbon that makes it both flexible and strong, steel, is called "강철". It's basically "steel iron"(just like wrought iron or cast iron in English), because it combines 鋼 and 鐵(steel and iron in Japanese, in that order) in Korean pronunciation. For Steel, Chemistry Lab in Korean should ask for "철(a normal tie fighter), 탄소(carbon-a hexagon around a circle), and 아르곤(argon-gas with a heptagon) 연료(fuel)" to create "강철(a Darth Vader's tie fighter)". Other than that, It was great to play this game in my native language. Great work! P.S. small tip: when in doubt, use Google Translator to change English word to Japanese, then change that Japanese translation into Korean. It works magic.(try it on Tungsten Carbide.)