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  1. What about an Eyeball planet? Where one side is hot and dry Andy it’s day all the time, the other side is cold, frozen and night all the time, but there’s a ring going around the surface of the planet between those two regions that has wAtEr and plants living there. I’d like to see more of a variation of planet types. I saw gas giants are on the road Map already. What about meteors that are large enough to land on and walk around on?
  2. What happened to these graphical features making it into the game? I’m talking about how the ice looks in the ground as you mine it, how it’s embedded and looks shinier and has a different color than the surrounding soil. I thought these looked awesome and you should add them back once the game is fully stable And bug-free
  3. Have you tried that out yet? Can you change it yourself?
  4. They are already working on these and I’m excited for when they come out! If you want to see what the devs still have planned you should check out the developers roadmap! It shows all the things they are considering adding to astroneer in the future
  5. When people are talking about lag and glitches, they are talking about the game standing alone. Performance issues such as FPS is not the fault of the devs at this point, unless your an Xbox player.
  6. So Nothing on the bug where if you arent connected to wifi while you activate a core it becomes impossible to unlock the suit?
  7. Love the realism, but jeez. Imagine dying of one of those glitches that launches you into space and you fall back to the planet and die of fall damage. I would like to see it added but only as a preference, or an option. Like hardcore mode in Minecraft.
  8. Yeah I agree. This suggestion is for later development. Right now I have stopped playing until they fix the 1.0.8 suits glitch where the suits still don’t unlock when you activate the nodes and core on a planet. Very dissaopointing when you do all that work and don’t even get the cool suit
  9. I have activated a surface node, the core, and a part of the purple platform near the sun. Still no suit. As you can see in the pictures I have included, I have the Terran suit, and I have unlocked a suit before. It was an awful lot of work trying to unlock this suit just for it to not work. Please help or fix soon.
  10. This may be an opinionated post, but it’s a common opinion on this aspect of the game. You guys have got to do something to make us want to explore more of the planet other than just to look for the surface nodes. So far, every time I land on a new planet, after spending about an hour on it, I’ve already seen it all. I could go all the way around the planet and just be seeing the same formations and terrain the whole time, and this allows for so many opportunities to improve this. People have suggested map making (I think it’s somewhere on the roadmap too), which would give incentive to explore and fill up a map. I recently suggested you add more structures such as ancient alien ruins, which would be amazing in my opinion. Please consider these ideas and opinions on the current state of exploration in the game. I and many other people would like to have a better reason to explore these beautiful planets. Thanks for reading
  11. You guys should really add a reaching augment to the terrain gun
  12. Edit: now my Terran suit has become locked again. What is going on
  13. Sorry I’m new and forgot to post the game Version in the title: I am playing on 1.0.8 Windows 10 edition